Friday, July 16, 2010

Seth Meyers thinks Kristen Wiig is hot

This was one of the questions Seth Meyers answered during a SportsNation chat.

Another Kristen question...

Dan (Vermont):
When Fred and Kristen (first name basis here) do their singing duo on Weekend Update, how do you not bust out laughing? (they make up the 'songs' on the spot, right? sure seems like Kristen doesn't know exactly what's about to come out of Fred's mouth) Same question when Fred does Gov. Patterson.

Seth Meyers (1:47 PM):
The longer I do Update the better I get at doing my laughing off-camera. With that said, I don't mind getting caught enjoying my fellow cast members. They're the funniest people on Earth and I'm playing myself so it's safe to laugh a bit.



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