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Kristen Wiig - Our "Whip It" movie review (with photos)

This being a Kristen Wiig blog, we're centering our "Whip It" review around...

You guessed it!


The trailer:

I went and saw the movie this week, based on the reviews. Overall, it's a fun movie that explores the roller derby life style. I'd recommend it for anyone. There's enough humor, romance, and drama to make everybody happy.

Drew Barrymore masterfully directs and paces the movie so that it isn't too bombastic but it moves along fast enough to keep you interested. Even if the movie does poorly, it should still launch Drew's career as a director.

And of course Ellen Page is a phenominal actress. She plays off of all the insecurities and crushes in her character, Bliss. The film is also well cast with familiar faces and great performances (including Andrew Wilson as Razor, Landon Pigg as Oliver, and Jimmy Fallon as Johnny Rocket). You'll even see Eve and enjoy the performances by unknown actresses (like the amusing Eva Destruction character).

Although it's a different movie, if you liked Juno, you'll like Whip It.

The story centers around Ellen Page's character, Bliss. Bliss is introduced to the world of roller derby, and she instantly falls in love with it and finds success with it.

In Whip It, Kristen Wiig is actually a main character, Maggie Mayhem, the captain of the Hurl Scouts (the team that Bliss joins). Kristen is on screen more than Juliette Lewis, Drew Barrymore, and anyone else from the rolly derby world that Ellen's Bliss character encounters.

Kristen was playing a dramatic role (with a few comedic awkward moments, but really it was a straight character). She proved to me that Kristen is going places as a lead comedian and as a lead dramatic actress. Kristen plays Maggie as a single mom who spends most of her time with her son. She acts as the mentor/aunt to Ellen's Bliss (also called Babe Ruthless). She also gives Bliss some helpful advice to not run from her family and friends.

So far, Kristen Wiig has cut out a niche market as a supporting comedy actress in films (already!). And I think the starring role that Kristen has coming in a Judd Apatow comedy is the next logical step.

My guess is that this is Kriten's second-to-last season on SNL. When Kristen leaves SNL, she'll have a healthy film career open for her to take.

Kristen has been in 16 films already, and she has 8 new films lined up. To date, the most successful (film-wise) female alumni from SNL has been Molly Shannon, who has had 31 films, but only one was a notable starring role (Superstar). Kristen will soon become the most successful female movie star from SNL.

Whip It still isn't scoring in the box office with only $9,417,042. Click here for the latest information:



  1. I am going to say this again, I loved Whip It. But I think some reasons why I enjoyed it, because of the fact that it had Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon in it. And that it was supposed to take place in Austin. And there were some scenes actually shot here. It was very exciting for me and for the people I was in the theater with to see it. And my brother loved it because it had his favorite rollerderby team, "The Holy Rollers" as one of the main rivals.

    But it is an awesome movie and Kristen is amazing in it. :D

  2. Kate,

    Are the Holy Rollers a real Austin team? Any other real teams in it? Oh and is the Oink Joint restaurant real?


    - TAE

  3. Yes the Holy Rollers is an Austin team, it was founded here. I don't know about the other teams in the film, but for sure they are. And I don't think the Oink Joint is real, I have never heard of it. But there were some real places that it showed in the film, like Lucy in Disguise and the Alamo Drafthouse.

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  5. i masterbate to maggie mayhens picture!!

  6. i masterbate to eva destructions picture too!!


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