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Bridesmaids: Top 11 Reasons It Was Strangely Disappointing

Written by Dan Mirvish. My notes are below his points, marked as "Editor". Enjoy!

As the awards season brings a renewed -- and mostly well-deserved -- attention to the film Bridesmaids, I feel it might be worth revisiting. To be clear, I found the movie to be genuinely entertaining and I'm happy it's getting awards consideration this season. That said, I saw it in its third or fourth week of general release last summer and I couldn't help but feel disappointed in a few ways -- some objective, some not so much. As a filmmaker myself, I'm generally loathe to critique another movie in public. (And if I didn't like the movie at all, I wouldn't have cared. But somehow, I do.) So in no particular order, then (and at the considerable personal risk of never getting hired by Judd Apatow) here are my Top 11 Reasons Bridesmaids was Strangely Disappointing:

1. It's not a female version of The Hangover. That's good, right? But one reason people thought it would be was prominently displayed in the trailer: a slow-motion shot of the titular bridesmaids (a phrase that itself could have come from The Hangover) as they round the corner of a jetway with a Vegas poster in the back. Guess what? They don't make it to Vegas. This is a tribute to the movie: It's not the female version of The Hangover. It's its own movie and should be proud of it. But the cast and crew have no one to blame but Universal's own marketing strategy for the comparison. It's a good lesson for all filmmakers: You live by the trailer, you die by the trailer.

Editor: By design. The filmmakers were likely never thinking of The Hangover. However, the marketing team saw it and realized that they go to Vegas (sort of) and that the airplane sequence is hilarious. So with a little bit of efforts, they made the trailer seem like they were flying to Vegas, and thus, would get compared as a "female Hangover." Bridesmaids made $280 million! Do you think the trailer had anything to do with that? Heck yeah, and they purposefully made it look like "Hangover for chicks", which helped sell the film beautifully. So, yeah, "By design" is the response here.

2. Foreigners. OK, you're in Milwaukee. Why are Kristen Wiig's two roommates British siblings? They're perfectly amusing characters, but why are they British? And then what would be the odds of her falling for the one Irish highway patrolman in Wisconsin? I'm guessing that Wisconsin has never had an Irish highway patrolman. These foreigners are barely explained away, which leads me only to believe that the filmmakers liked these actors from the comedy circuit or to get co-financing from Great Britain or some other reason that took me out of the movie. You couldn't find any American actors to play those parts? Really?

Editor: Good points, but those actors did make the characters more interesting. And yes, Kristen and company probably scouted out their comedic talents and were thinking about talent first (over than making sure foreigners weren't in Milwaukee).

3. Milwaukee. I was stoked to see that Bridesmaids was set in Milwaukee. A nice, non-obvious choice that was played realistically as a cosmopolitan mid-sized midwestern city. The film was neither patronizing nor pollyanish about Milwaukee with nary a beer brewing Laverne & Shirley reference to be found. In fact, one of the first cuts on the excellent soundtrack was a cool cover of the Milwaukee-based band, The Violent Femmes. Nice touch! The movie was also refreshingly not set in a tax-credit grubbing state like Michigan. The only problem was, as the credits would indicate, the film was shot in California. Or at least that was the only film commission thanked by name in the credits. You would think the Wisconsin Film Commission deserves a thank you just by virtue of the B-roll helicopter shots of Milwaukee, but no.

Editor: So you're complaining that they adequately fooled you? So?

4. Jill Clayburgh's last movie. This was strangely personal as I'd recently met with Jill Clayburgh's real daughter, Tony-nominated actress Lily Rabe, right before seeing Bridesmaids. So it was oddly disconcerting to see Kristen Wiig playing Clayburgh's fake daughter in the movie. Especially because Wiig is at least 15 years older than Lily. In any case, it's traditional to give some sort of acknowledgement in your end credits to a famous actor who dies during post production. But unless I missed it, I saw no such "in memory of" credit to Clayburgh in the credits. Furthermore, I haven't seen a single "for your consideration" ad this awards season from Universal or any PR-generated articles suggesting she should get a posthumous supporting actress award. Maybe they're there, but I haven't seen them.

Editor: Agree on both points (she should have been credited and should be considered for a GG or AA nomination).

5. Minor characters sounded like Kristen Wiig. I felt like several of the minor characters in the movie (i.e., a woman on the plane, the teenager at the jewelry store) sounded like they were doing Kristen Wiig impersonations from her SNL characters. Wiig herself sometimes did, too, but that's to be expected, I suppose. My wife thinks this could be explained by the fact that Wiig was a co-writer of the script, but it still took me out of the movie.

Editor: I agree big time! I was watching the whole movie, and I couldn't help but feel like it was a world full of Kristen Wiig! Everybody was Kristen Wiig! I spoke it out loud to those around me during both those scenes you mentioned (jewelry store and airplane), but even Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Hamm, and Rose Byrn were speaking and acting like Kristen Wiig!!! And yes, that took me out of the movie. However, that's part of what gave the movie it's charm and success. So it's bittersweet for me. I wasn't a huge fan of it, but I'm willing to admit that it's for the good of the film.

6. Editing. Like almost every other Apatow-produced movie (of which I'm generally a fan; and yes, I'd love to direct one of his movies) Bridesmaids started slow and could have been cut by at least 20 minutes. I was surprised to find two editors on the credits. *, they can't even edit the number of editors on these films!

Editor: Disagree. I found the earlier parts between Wiig and Hamm and Wiig and Rudolph to be funny and to help stabilize the characters (so when you saw Wiig and Rudolph go crazy, you can take it into context with their overall personalities). The danger with rushing a film is that you sometimes don't get to meet the characters in their normal worlds, and Bridesmaids executed on that better than many films.

7. Cinematography. One fellow director told me ahead of time that the cinematography was impressive. Really?? I found it to be flatly lit, and had not a single memorable or inspiring shot in the movie. Comedies don't have to be badly shot. Even some films from Apatow-alumni directors like Greg Mottola (Superbad, Paul) and David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness) have ambitious cinematography. But those guys also both cut their chops on award-winning festival films before heading to TV and then back again to features.

Editor: Agree, but I didn't find it to be a big deal.

8. Bodily fluids. If you're going to go there, then don't pull your punches. Vomiting on one another was inspired, but with not one but two characters defecating in inappropriate places, why not show a little brown? Especially after hearing incessant reviews that there would be bodily fluids to compete with "male" comedies, I felt let down.

Editor: Disagree. I was super glad that they didn't show it. It helped remind me that women were involved, and they have better taste (well, only slightly better).

9. Annie Walker. Kristen Wiig's character has the same name as Piper Perabo's on the USA series Covert Affairs. Now, Bridesmaids was undoubtedly shot (and most certainly written) before Covert Affairs premiered in the summer of 2010 on basic cable. But all it takes is one writer's assistant or clearance paralegal to do an IMDB check at some point along the way and have the filmmakers just edit out Wiig's character's last name during her engagement shower speech (a scene that could have used the cutting anyway).

Editor: Back it the real world, we just don't care. It's a good name.

10. Jon Hamm. Why have so many (from reviewers to the filmmakers themselves) found it so odd that such a good-looking guy like Jon Hamm would fall for Kristen Wiig? Wiig is very pretty. (And contrary to the script, she's just as skinny as Rose Byrne, if not more so). Why wouldn't she land a fellow like Hamm? I mean, is she any worse looking than Hamm's real life mate Jennifer Westfelt? I dare say, not.

Editor: I must have missed that buzz. Hamm is definitely handsome, and seeing a handsome man in a loathesome role was incredibly funny and refreshing. So I think we both agree that Hamm was good in this role. You're more disappointed with people who we should just ignore. =^)

11. My bitter jealousy of Paul Feig. Ever since I was part of the Slamdance Film Festival programming committee that rejected his first movie (Life Sold Separately) back in the 90s, Feig's career has soared. From Freaks and Geeks to Undeclared, to directing landmark episodes of The Office and Weeds, to a burgeoning feature career under the wing of Judd Apatow, Feig is that rare comedy director who coasts easily between features and quality television. To get the opportunity to work with such talented writer/actors as Kristen Wiig and the rest of the Bridesmaids cast is a gift to him from the comedy gods. He acquitted himself exceptionally well, and deserves to be considered as a Best Director by any and all standards. Finally, by all accounts, he seems like a very nice guy, too. That *!

Editor: So this one is about your jealousy? Hmm. Well, Feig had his lumps in his career (like you said, you rejected him), and he's only now starting to get some credit as a film director, so he hasn't even peaked yet. If you want to have the success he's had, you might want to emulate his formula. Go to TV and try to create a show with a few experienced producers. See what happens.

Dan's editorial is from:

What do you think?


Friday, December 30, 2011

Maya Rudolph talks about Kristen Wiig

Maya Rudolph has suggested that her Bridesmaids co-star Kristen Wiig was born to perform on Saturday Night Live.

Rudolph commented to Paper that Wiig made an immediate impression when she joined SNL in 2005 because she was supremely confident in her talent.

"Kristen came to SNL knowing who she was, which I really envy," said Rudolph, who co-starred with Wiig on the sketch comedy series for several years.

Rudolph continued: "I was 27 when I got there, and not really fully formed, but [Wiig] was an adult, and she immediately just sort of nailed it."

When Wiig herself was asked by the magazine to describe her SNL castmates, the comic joked: "I love the cast. We're like Melrose Place without the murder."

Wiig was recently rumored to be leaving Saturday Night Live at the end of the current season, but her rep has clarified that no decision will be made until next year.

Saturday Night Live continued with host Jimmy Fallon and musical guest Michael Buble at 11.30/10.30c on NBC.

Watch Kristen Wiig in the Saturday Night Live 'Ornaments' sketch below (US only):



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Kristen Wiig in 2012

Kristen Wiig had a great 2011, but will 2012 be even better?

There's no denying that 2011 was a huge year for "Saturday Night Live" star Kristen Wiig.

"Bridesmaids," the R-rated comedy she co-wrote and starred in, was one of the biggest movies of the year. In fact, it was just nominated for a Golden Globe for best comedy, and Wiig also received a nod for her performance in the film.

Wiig continues to be one of the most reliably funny cast members on "SNL," playing what seems like the most recurring characters of any current "SNL" comedian.

But now that she's begun the transition from funny side character and "SNL" crackup to leading lady, we think 2012 is the year Wiig could really shine. Even if "Bridesmaids" doesn't win any Globes, it's still a pretty great way to start the year. There's also the People's Choice Awards and the Critics Choice Awards, which have also given "Bridesmaids" accolades.

The thing we think could help Wiig become an A-list star once and for all, though, starts with the upcoming film "Friends With Kids," in which she costars alongside her buddy Jon Hamm. Seeing Wiig in a slightly more dramatic role could help solidify her as an actress in her own right, and combined with her "Bridesmaids" and "SNL" success, could lead to some really spectacular roles and writing opportunities.

What do you think? Was 2011 Wiig's year, or are better things to come in 2012?



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kristen Wiig - Nominated for a Golden Globe

First, Bridesmaids is nominated as...

Best Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical

Here's the competition:

The Artist
Midnight In Paris
My Week With Marilyn

Well, I'm not sure if 50/50 and "My Week with Marilyn" should be comedies. They're more like dramas with comedic elements. "Marilyn" will win hands down. Shouldn't even be in the same category as Bridesmaids, unfortunately. However, it's fantastic that we see Bridesmaids here at all, when other films like Hangover 2 don't get nominated.

And then Kristen Wiig is being nominated for Bridesmaids as...

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical

The competition here is also steep:

Jodie Foster – Carnage
Charlize Theron – Young Adult
Kristen Wiig – Bridesmaids
Michelle Williams – My Week With Marilyn
Kate Winslet – Carnage

So there's no way that Kristen can take these ladies out either. This is really between Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams' Marilyn. But throwing in Jody Foster and Kate Winslet in as well? And you'd bet Kristen is honored to be listed among them!

Check out the Golden Globe nominations here:


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why was Kristen Wiig at the premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? (photo)

Answer: Simon Pegg!

"Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" U.S. Premiere - After Party

This Photo: Simon Pegg, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader

Actor Simon Pegg, actress Kristen Wiig, and actor Bill Hader attend the "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" U.S. premiere after party at the Museum of Modern Art on December 19, 2011 in New York City.

So Kristen Wiig appeared in Paul last year with Simon Pegg, and she and Bill Hader hung out a lot with Simon. In Mission Impossible 4, Simon played the comedic relief character.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Next Hosts of SNL: Charles Barkley and Daniel Radcliffe

Episode 713 - "Charles Barkley"
Musical Guest: Kelly Clarkson
Date: January 7, 2012

Barkley has hosted twice before. First, on September 25, 1993, he hosted with Nivana as the musical guest.

Second, on January 9, 2010, he promoted his career change into becoming a sports announcer.

Now Charles Barkley is back (likely he was a pleasant variety from the other hosts, so they welcomed him back).

Episode 714 - "Daniel Radcliffe"
Musical Guest: Lana Del Rey
Date: January 14, 2012

This is Daniel's first appearance on SNL. Daniel is of course Harry Potter from the hit film series. I'm surprised he hasn't hosted until after the series.

Daniel's next movie he's promoting is Woman in Black, where he's a young lawyer who travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. Looks like it's set in the 1800s.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kristen Wiig's best SNL impressions

Kristen Wiig's Best Impressions On 'SNL' Supercut: Kris Jenner, Barbie And More (VIDEO)


Friday, December 23, 2011

Bridesmaids from Judd Apatow's viewpoint

This interview was titled for possible Oscar nominations, but that's doubtful.

Could Judd Apatow and Kristen Wiig’s ‘Bridesmaids’ Nab an Oscar?

Awards forecasters say the raunchy comedy just might receive some unexpected Academy Awards love. Chris Lee talked to the movie’s producer Judd Apatow to find out how Bridesmaids reached the screen.

Bringing joy to both ends of the cultural spectrum—that is, to frat boys and feminists alike—the R-rated comedy Bridesmaids has arguably become 2011’s most universally beloved film. Thanks to its transgressive take on female-friendly raunch and jolts of explosive toilet humor, the $32.5 million movie clocked more than $288 million at the box office worldwide to become a monster summer hit. And now Bridesmaids is finding its way onto critics’ and film boards’ best-of year-end movie lists alongside more sobering dramatic fare such as War Horse, The Tree of Life, and Moneyball.

But can Bridesmaids pull the upset of all upsets? With buzz around Hollywood growing progressively louder for the film as the awards season makes its inexorable slog toward the Kodak Theater, could Bridesmaids land an Oscar nomination?

According to a growing number of movie pundits and Gurus of Gold, the movie is a likely contender for several Golden Globes, whose nominations are announced Dec. 15. It stands a solid chance of seeing some Oscar love too, particularly Bridesmaids’ writer-star Kristen Wiig and co-writer Annie Mumolo in the Best Original Screenplay category, which seems to be a wide open field this year. (The nominations come in January.)

Never mind that Academy voters historically have been reluctant to honor movies that provoke belly laughs instead of jerking tears. The two acknowledged frontrunners for Best Original Screenplay, the black-and-white silent feature The Artist and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, stand out, a refreshing change of pace, as funny films with dramatic moments, rather than vice versa.

“People seem to think it’s more difficult to make movies without jokes in them,” noted Bridesmaids producer Judd Apatow. “But that’s just not true.”

To underscore how unlikely Bridesmaids’ rise to become part of this cultural conversation is, you have to trace the movie’s roots back to 2006. That year, Saturday Night Live regular Wiig was cast in a bit part as a paggro cable television executive in the movie Apatow was directing at the time, Knocked Up. Applying what he describes as his “usual M.O.,” the comedy kingpin, responsible for many of the most successful funny films of the past decade, asked Wiig if she had any movie ideas.

“This was before people know who Kristen was from SNL,” Apatow recalled. “She would just get giant laughs right off the bat. So I just said to her, ‘Let me know if you have any ideas for a screenplay for yourself.’ That’s what happened on Anchorman when I worked with Steve Carell. He had the idea for The 40 Year Old Virgin.”

“At some point after that shoot, Kristen said she and her partner, Annie, had this idea, which was Bridesmaids,” he continued. “But there was no script. Just an idea.”

That idea was originally titled Maid of Honor, until the production discovered a movie of the same name already existed. But the basic premise for Bridesmaids was there from the beginning. The film would follow a “wounded woman” (Wiig), someone with crushingly low self-esteem who starts spinning out of control just as her best friend puts her life in order by getting married. Adding insult to injury, each of the other bridesmaids are better off than she is for one reason or another, raising the stakes of the character’s explicit need for personal redemption.

Over the following years, writing commenced, with Wiig in New York for her day job and Mumolo grinding out the script in Los Angeles. The two would meet on weekends and conduct semi-regular “table reads” of drafts for Apatow to get his notes and suggestions. Every joke was tweaked and reworked multiple times to achieve maximum comic liftoff. “It was a long time and a lot of work,” said a source who has worked with Apatow on several projects, including Bridesmaids, but who requested anonymity. “You might write a million versions of every scene. There’s always a chance to elevate the material, to make everything even better.”

The producer’s longtime creative partner, Paul Feig—who created Freaks and Geeks, the Fox TV series that delivered Apatow initial renown as a comedic tastemaker—was brought on to direct Bridesmaids. The cast, meanwhile, was rounded out by a hodgepodge of TV and movie actresses, including Wiig’s former Saturday Night Live castmate Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne (TV’s Damages, X-Men: First Class), and the movie’s breakout star, Melissa McCarthy, from the CBS sitcom Mike & Molly.

About two thirds of the way through production, the producer made a suggestion that was greeted with considerable reluctance. He proposed to Mumolo and Wiig what remains Bridesmaids’ central talking point: a gut-busting sequence in which the maids of honor are brought low by food poisoning courtesy of Wiig’s character’s restaurant choice. From there, they are shown suffering through bouts of explosive diarrhea as well as vomiting in, on, and around a fancy-pants wedding dress shop.

“The reaction was, ‘Are you * kidding? This is not what happens to women. That’s not what kind of movie this is,’” remembered the source close to the production. “There was definite reluctance about it. But they took a leap of faith because of Judd and Paul. ‘These are funny guys and they know what they’re talking about.’ It wasn’t [Wiig and Mumolo’s] instinct to put that in the movie, though.”

Apatow, however, brushes off the notion that he strong-armed the writers into including the explosive pooping and insists none of it would have been included had the footage not been up to par. “It was important that there were some moments that would bring down the house,” he said. “We knew this would be a big swing, an all-or-nothing proposition.”

“But there’s always a moment beforehand when we say, ‘Are we really going to do this?’” he continued. “There’s a set now and special-effects people who are trying to determine whether the sink is too high for Melissa to jump on. So there was a breath where we all said, ‘Let’s give it a shot. If it works, it works. And if it doesn’t, we’ll cut it out.’”

In addition to scoring with both audiences and critics, Bridesmaids’ short-term impact has been to get other woman-fronted comedies the green light from Hollywood’s studio system by putting to rest Christopher Hitchens’s “Why women aren’t funny” debate. “It’s ridiculous. Women are more than 50 percent of the population and they are forced to see movies made primarily by men, starring men, and about men,” Apatow said. “But that’s not why we made it. It was only after the movie was completed that anyone said this had any significance. We didn’t think it was any different than something like The House Bunny or Baby Mama. So we didn’t think we were breaking any new ground. We just thought it was a fun thing to do.”



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Kristen Wiig is Taylor Swift in Michael Bublé Christmas Duets (SNL)

Commercial - Michael Bublé Christmas Duets

Jimmy Fallon ... Justin Bieber
Jimmy Fallon ... Russell Brand
Jimmy Fallon ... Sting
Michael Bublé
Fred Armisen ... Thom Yorke
Abby Elliott ... Ke$ha
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Scott McCreery
Jay Pharoah ... Kanye West
Kristen Wiig ... Taylor Swift

Michael Buble has a new record of Christmas duets with some of the hottest acts out, including Justin Bieber!

These are some funny impressions in this skit!

There's not a lot of singing going on in Wiig's Swift impression. =^)

Abby's done Ke$ha once before. Gweneth Paltrow portrayed Swift once last season, so this is the second SNL Swift impression.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Triangle Sally in Beethoven: Ode To Joy (SNL)

Sketch - Beethoven: Ode To Joy

Jimmy Fallon ... Ludwig van Beethoven
Chris Kattan ... Octo Olrich
Horatio Sanz ... Victor Heinz
Fred Armisen ... Casper Niles
Vanessa Bayer ... castrato
Paul Brittain ... Rolf "The Hitman" Hitler
Abby Elliott ... castrato
Bill Hader ... Gayhard Munch
Taran Killam ... Gregor Lindt
Bobby Moynihan ... Voldemort Robin
Nasim Pedrad ... castrato
Andy Samberg ... Franz Liebsch
Jason Sudeikis ... Herman Frump
Kenan Thompson ... B.B. King
Kristen Wiig ... Triangle Sally

Ludwig van Beethoven takes a minute to thank the musicians who make his masterpieces possible.

This is Kristen's third appearance as Triangle Sally, and her second appearance this season! It's Sally's first appearance where she apparently went back in time... or something. =^)

Well it looks like they were having a lot of fun with this. Pretty much everyone is in this (except Jay Pharoah).


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kristen Wiig in the War Horse (SNL)

Sketch - War Horse

Jimmy Fallon ... Jack Jacobson
Paul Brittain ... announcer (voice)
Bill Hader ... audience member
Taran Killam ... actor
Andy Samberg ... Frank Densby
Jason Sudeikis ... actor
Kenan Thompson ... puppeteer
Kristen Wiig ... audience member

Theatere goers are slightly confused by the production of War Horse.

Hahahaha! So silly. Kristen's a British audience member and featured throughout. Jimmy can dance!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Kathie Lee Gifford and Regis is back! (SNL)

Show - Today

Jimmy Fallon ... Regis Philbin
Vanessa Bayer ... Mindy Farmer
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Mr. Farmer
Nasim Pedrad ... Hoda Kotb
Kristen Wiig ... Kathie Lee Gifford

It's a normal morning on "The Today Show" with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford until Regis Philbin stops by.

Ha! So we haven't seen Kristen Wiig lead as many of these skits since after her encounter with the real Kathie Lee. But she pulls Kathie Lee back out in order to interact with Jimmy's spot-on Regis impression.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Lilia in 1920s Holiday Party (SNL)

This is Kristen's second time doing this character, so add another repeat character to Kristen's arsenal. (Now up to 28!)

Sketch - Holiday Party

Jimmy Fallon ... Freggie
Fred Armisen ... guest
Abby Elliott ... guest
Bill Hader ... guest
Andy Samberg ... Maxwell
Kristen Wiig ... Lilia

Party hosts feel compelled to sing and dance holiday tunes despite the lack of requests.

Andy's Maxwell plays lovely songs as Lilia and Freggie don't sing and dance.

The first time Kristen did this Lilia character was on 01.30.2010 with Jon Hamm. Here's a pic:

So they're adding another layer to this sketch with Jimmy's Freggie character.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kristen Wiig's boyfriend - Brian Petsos or Fabrizio Moretti?

Kristen Wiig's rumored to be dating Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, but still linked to beau Brian Petsos

Kristen Wiig got together with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti at a Black Keys album party.

Kristen Wiig may have a new beau — but what happened to her old one?

The “Saturday Night Live” funnygirl has been linked with the Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, but until recently, Wiig was in a long-term relationship with her live-in boyfriend, actor-filmmaker Brian Petsos. The 37-year-old had often waxed poetically about “The Funny or Die” producer (Petsos), whom she first met when she was 15.

Just this past June, in an interview promoting her flick “Bridesmaids” with the British publication Stylist, she told the mag she had “been in a relationship for years now and we consider ourselves married.”

Wiig, who had previously been hitched to actor Hayes Hargrove , added that she didn’t “see the need for an actual wedding.” But according to a source, things became “troubled” between the shacked-up pair over the summer. Both parties kept things quiet as the relationship began to unravel, due to Wiig’s tendency to be a “private and shy” person.

The insider, who is close to Wiig’s launch pad to success, “SNL,” adds that her rise to fame was part of the wedge between the long-time couple.

“She became really famous, really fast,” says the source, pointing out that Wiig had struggled as a comedian for a long time with Petsos before hitting it big. “And everyone knew it, especially Brian.” While the insider called Petsos a “seemingly supportive” person, the differences in the status of their entertainment careers began to “wear on them.”

But things haven’t gone completely sour between Wiig and her former flame. “They still talk,” says the source. “I’m sure [the thing with\] Fabrizio is going to surprise a lot of people around her.”

Wiig and Moretti, who were first spotted together at a celebration at the W Hotel for the Black Keys’ new album on Monday, looked awfully cozy on Wednesday evening at a party at the Absolut House on the LES, hosted by Chris Taylor of the band Grizzly Bear. A source at the bash says Wiig arrived solo, telling a few of the guests that she was “meeting a friend there.” Eventually the musician, who dated Drew Barrymore for five years until 2007, arrived at the party, making a beeline for the lithe blond. Our insider says Wiig and Moretti “were openly all over each other.”

When a photographer went to snap their picture together, “she freaked out.” The source says Wiig looked both ways, as if trying to find an escape route, and in a chivalrous move the 31-year-old drummer “covered her with a coat” to block her face from the flashes. “They definitely did not want to be photographed together,” says the party-goer, adding the loved-up duo left together before 11 p.m.

Read more:


Kristen Wiig is ready to rock with Fabrizio Moretti.

The Saturday Night Live comic and Bridesmaids star, 38, was spotted with the Strokes drummer, 31, at Monday's bash for the Black Keys' new album at the W Hotel in NYC.

"Kristen and Fabrizio were making out in a booth," an observer tells Us Weekly. "They were all over each other! They were definitely not discreet."

(The New York Post's Page Six also reported the siting at the W, noting the pair "were literally on op of each other."

She and Moretti (who dated Drew Barrymore for five years before splitting in 2007) were seen together again two nights later at a Wednesday party at Absolut House on Manhattan's Lower East Side, according to another witness. Wiig was briefly married to actor Hayes Hargrove; as of May 2010, she was living with actor/filmmaker Brian Petsos.



What do you think? Should Kristen stay with Brian? Is this too personal to show here? Should stars be able to have these relationships in private?

Leave a comment with your answers!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Jimmy Fallon and Fred Armisen - SNL Promos

Jimmy and Fred go nuts with a ton of SNL promos!

Jimmy Fallon hosts SNL Dec 17, 2011 with musical guest Michael Buble.

The gags continue... with music! Fred and Jimmy are both musicians (Fred was a rock star and Jimmy has always included musical comedy)!

Christmas is Coming:

Facebook Promo:

Jingle Bells:

Santa is Real:


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Drew Barrymore in New Year's Eve 2: The Apocalypse (SNL)

Commercial - The Apocalypse

Katy Perry ... Christina Aguilera
Fred Armisen ... Tony Sirico
Fred Armisen ... Penny Marshall
Paul Brittain ... Osama bin Laden
Abby Elliott ... Kirsten Dunst
Bill Hader ... Alan Alda
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Ashton Kutcher
Seth Meyers
Bobby Moynihan ... Rico Rodriguez
Jay Pharoah ... Cuba Gooding Jr.
Jason Sudeikis ... Philip Seymour Hoffman
Kenan Thompson ... Al Roker
Kristen Wiig ... Drew Barrymore
Kristen Wiig ... Kim Cattrall

Thousands of your favorite movie stars come together in the sequel to "New Year's Eve" in "The Apocalypse."

I think Abby Elliott also does a great Drew Barrymore.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Gwen Stefani in Doggie Duty (SNL)

Commercial - Doggie Duty

Katy Perry ... Florence Welch
Fred Armisen ... Randy Newman
Bill Hader ... Clint Eastwood / Narrator
Andy Samberg ... Chris Barron
Jason Sudeikis ... Meat Loaf
Kristen Wiig ... Gwen Stefani

This Christmas, don't miss the adorable tale of twelve dogs selected for jury duty!

"Remember the Spindoctors?"

Kristen's funniest part, of course, is when she started mumbling as Gwen.

This is Kristen's second impression as Gwen on SNL. Molly Shannon also did Gwen once in 2000.

Personally I think Clint would have been funnier if he said nothing and just conducted the music.

Katy Perry blew it out of the house of course.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Greta Van Susteren in the On the Record (SNL Cold Open)

Cold Opening - On The Record

Darrell Hammond ... Donald Trump
Bobby Moynihan ... Newt Gingrich
Andy Samberg ... Rick Santorum
Kristen Wiig ... Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren welcomes Donald Trump, with the two candidates he will be moderating in a debate, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

This is mostly a bit between Darrel Hammond's Donald and Kristen's Greta.

The audience likes Andy, but it would be great if he did impressions of a candidate that has a bigger role in these skits.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Kalle

Show - Kalle

Katy Perry
Fred Armisen ... announcer (voice)
Paul Brittain ... teller
Kristen Wiig ... Kalle Jakra

Finnish talk show, Kalle, welcomes pop star Katy Perry, and they're armed with an arsenal of clips.

This is Kristen's first new character (in order of appearance on SNL this week). It's our second favorite starring role she did of the three this week (our first is Rebecca Larue, the professional flirter).

New character for Kristen! Do you like it?


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Rebecca Larue, Professional Flirter (SNL Weekend Update)

Kristen Wiig had three starring skits this week and a lot of supporting work, totaling 7 skits!

Her first starring skit was as Greta Van Susteren's On the Record (the SNL Cold Opening). This is her fourth time doing this impression. (Amy Poehler also did Greta once in 2002.)

Kristen's other two starring skits were new characters... Kalle Jakra (talk show host) and Rebecca Larue (on Weekend Update), a professional flirter.

I think Rebecca has the makings of a hit and repeat character for Kristen Wiig, so we're opening this week with Rebecca...

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers
Kristen Wiig ... Rebecca Larue
Alec Baldwin ... Captain Steve Rogers
Bill Hader ... Stefon

Flirting expert Rebecca Larue stops by to show Seth how single people can find a mate during the holidays.

It's amazing how Kristen keeps coming up with new characters every week!

There's also fantastic chemistry with Kristen and Seth.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kristen Wiig on SNL tonight

I'm on the east coast tonight, so I get SNL a few hours earlier.

Kristen had a good week with Greta and a few others. But the standout was her new performance as a flirter on Weekend Update. Fantastic job, Kristen!

This week had guest appearances from Darrell Hammond, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon, and Val Kilmer. That was pretty sweet. Alec had the best appearance, where he cleverly covered up hos own mishap that got him in the news (Alec pretended to be a piolot who apologizes to Alec for how he was treated). It's a clever way to subdue bad press for Alec.

More tomorrow!



Dear Jimmy Fallon,

Dear Jimmy Fallon, when you host SNL on December 17th...

We want John Goodman to pretend to be a cast member and we want the show announced by Don Pardo 9000!

So those are our requests / polite demands. =^)

Confused why? Well...

Jimmy Fallon successfully prophesied that he would host SNL in December 2011 (he did so in December, 1998) -- Jimmy's on at 2:55:

Or this video here shows the Jimmy part at the beginning:

And as you can see, the gag of including John Goodman on the staff would be a hilarious inside joke (and good for a lot of media press), as would including the Don Pardo 9000. Of course, they could go all the way and get actors to play cast members Drew Adams, Michael Butler, Arianna Cleo, and Kevin Wallarski... but just including John Goodman and the Don Pardo 9000 would probably be enough to sell the joke.

John Goodman was truly the ghost of SNL hosts present because that season (24, 98-99) he cameo'd as Linda Tripp on Sep 26 (Cameron Diaz hosted), Nathan Barnett on Nov 14 (Joan Allen hosted), Tripp on Nov 21 (Jennifer Love Hewitt hosted), and Tripp on May 8 (Cuba Gooding Jr. hosted). He had 6 cameos total that season, and Goodman hosted on April 10 (99) that same season (so 7 appearances that season). And he hosted consequetively in seasons 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 (this 98 season), 25, and 26 (hosting 12 times, total). So that sets the context as to why he was the ghost of SNL hosts present.

John Goodman had 21 total appearances from 89-03, which is more than any other guest during that time period. However, Steve Martin had 24 total appearances (15 hosting), and Alec Baldwin has had 22 total appearances (16 hosting). So John Goodman is third both in total appearances (21) and hosting (12).

Here's how Goodman stacks up for hosting the most:
Alec Baldwin - 16 host
Steve Martin - 15 host
John Goodman - 12 host
Buck Henry - 10 host
Tom Hanks - 8 host
Chevy Chase (SNL Alumnus) - 8 host
Christopher Walken - 7 host
Drew Barrymore - 6 host
Elliott Gould - 6 host
Danny DeVito - 6 host
Bill Murray (SNL Alumnus) - 5 host
Candice Bergen - 5 host
Justin Timberlake - 4 host
Paul Simon - 4 host

So... Jimmy Fallon announced that he's going to host the December 17 episode of Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Michael Buble. It marks Fallon's first time hosting since he left the show in 2004, but fans shouldn't be too surprised to see him back in Studio 8H — not only has he done cameos on the show here and there, but back in 1998, SNL itself announced he'd host right around then. As you can see in the video, Alec Baldwin's monologue from a season 24 episode predicts exactly this: That Jimmy Fallon, as the host of Christmas future in this Christmas Carol riff, will host on December 12, 2011. Most people remember this episode for its Schwetty Balls, but perhaps its prescience will become its new calling card!

That's right! Jimmy Fallon was only 5 days off! (What's the matter, they didn't do their calendar math correctly and pick a date that lands on a Saturday, or did they think it was going to move to Monday and be called MNL instead?)

They obviously weren't thinking (or caring) about getting the date right. They just picked the same date as that episode that Baldwin was hosting (which was on December 12th, 1998).

I actually remember watching this episode back in 98. At this point in time, Jimmy was in his first year on the show (only his third month), he was a featured cast member, and a total noob to the show. So at the time I was skeptical if he would be popular in 2011. But he pulled it off!

However, I was excited about him at that point in time, because of his song during the October 4th episode...

These are the SNL bits he previously had done (at that point in time):

1. September 26, 1998 (Cameron Diaz hosted)
- He played Gilbert Gottfried in a Hollywood Squares bit; I wonder if Fallon's Gottfried is as good as Taran Killam's sweet portrayal

2. October 3, 1998 (Kelsey Grammer hosted)
- Bit roles in a commercial and a Mr. Peepers sketch

3. October 17, 1998 (Lucy Lawless hosted)
- 5 bit roles, including a Steven Tyler impression in a group sketch.

4. October 24th, 1998 (Ben Stiller hosted)
- Adam Sandler on Celebrity Jeopardy (this was memorable and a key bit that got Jimmy on SNL)
- A Jimmy Fallon song on Weekend Update (this was when I really noticed Jimmy and thought he was going further than he ended up going)

5. November 7, 1998 (David Spade hosted)
- Solid Howard Stern and Leonardo DiCaprio impressions in group skits. Actually the Leo impression was a voice during the legendary Kiwi meets Mango sketch (classic).

6. November 14, 1998 (Joan Allen hosted)
- 2 bit roles and solid Marilyn Manson and French Steweart impressions in group sketches.
- He really sold his Jerry Seinfeld impression in Tarmac Talk. So this was noticeable and impressive.

7. November 21, 1998 (Jennifer Love Hewitt hosted)
- 2 bit roles and a Michael Stripe impression in a Celine Dion sketch.

8. December 5, 1998 (Vince Vaughn hosted)
- A hilarious (but brief) Richard Simmons impression in the cold open.
- Lead in "Married Guys" with Will and Vince
- Ghost of John Lennon
- 2 more bit roles.

And then that brings us to the Baldwin episode on 12/12/98.

So while Fallon was proving himself by filling in his impressions (more often than Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam are today, but probably not as well as they are, because the only impressions Fallon had gotten as the center of a bit were his Seinfeld and Lennon), it was relly just his guitar song he did on October 24th where you started to wonder if he was the next Adam Sandler (and he's not, if you're wondering).

So taking all that into consideration, to have Jimmy stand up and say he'd be a hit in 13 years, it was a little gutsy on everybody's part (including the producers). It was funny enough to do anyway, but I remember thinking, "We'll see. If you keep doing songs like that one you did and maybe pull out some hit characters like the awesome ones that were hits at the time... Spartans, Dog Show, Goth Talk, Mr. Peepers, Clinton, Celebrity Jeopardy, The View, Ladies Man, Roxbury Guys, Delicious Dish, Antonio Banderas Ah Yes Show, Judge Judy, Culps, Mango, Martha Stewart Living, Harry Caray, Celine Dion, Mary Katherine Gallagher, and Pimp Chat." My personal opinion is that the only bits he had that were worthy of those hits that his teammates had above were Jeffrey's that he did with Ferrell and Sanz and his guitar bits on Weekend Update. Other than those, I don't think he had anything worthy. And I think his movie career echoed that well.

(But to be fair, Shannon, Gasteyer, Oteri, Kattan, and Meadows also never had hit film careers, even though they were amazing on SNL; it takes a unique person like Ferrell or Wiig to transition from SNL to a hit film career... or Meyers, Murphy, Chase, Murray, Sandler, etc.)

That said, I think Fallon could have found a niche to be popular by being on a sitcom (maybe) or by hosting a Today Show, which is what he did when he accidentally took over Conan's spot (it was done with Conan's blessing at the time). And the only reason why Fallon is hosting SNL now is because he has a hit show (Late Night). Just in time to host when he predicted (which is obviously the reason why they picked that date for him and announced it so early).

So we know that Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Wiig are close (they were in Whip It together, and Kristen Wiig has been on Late Night several times). So it's going to be exciting to see what the two of them cook up on SNL!



SNL Promo - Katy Perry, Robyn, & Stefon

Katy Perry hosts an all-new SNL 12/10 with musical guest Robyn.

New SNL tonight!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Martha Valentine on Dateline (SNL)

Show - Dateline

Steve Buscemi ... Diego Bops
Bill Hader ... Keith Morrison
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... witness
Jason Sudeikis ... coroner
Kristen Wiig ... Martha Valentine

Dateline's Keith Morrison gets a kick out of investigating a brutal murder in The Mystery of the Chopped Up Guy.

This is Bill Hader's fourth Dateline skit.

Kristen is on at 2:32.

Martha is "beautiful". =^)


Katy Perry and Kenan Thompson - SNL Promo

Katy Perry hosts an all-new SNL 12/10 with musical guest Robyn.

Uh oh. This might spell bad things ahead.

I wonder what Kristen Wiig and Katy Perry will do together on SNL? We'll see this Saturday!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Sheila (SNL's Ornaments)

Sketch - Ornaments

Steve Buscemi ... Sheila
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Kristen Wiig ... Sheila

It's time to open up the ornaments and have Sheila decorate the Christmas tree.

Hmm. Lots of dry humor here. But they do a pretty good job. They always put the wacky/offbeat ones on as the last skit of the night.

New character for Kristen.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kristen Wiig points a knife at you in the Steve Buscemi's SNL Monologue


Steve Buscemi
Abby Elliott ... Roz
Bill Hader ... Tex
Bobby Moynihan ... guy
Nasim Pedrad ... grandma
Jay Pharoah ... judge
Andy Samberg ... guy
Kenan Thompson ... Chance
Kristen Wiig ... girl

Steve, who has flourished as the leading man in "Boardwalk Empire," gives advice to actors who always play auxiliary characters.

Hahahaha. Is it just me, or does that make you want to see Kristen Wiig in that role too?

Love the cut shirt and dirty makeup!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kristen Wiig & Emma Stone cry to Adele's "Someone Like You"

Adele's Someone like you skit SNL S37E06 Emma Stone Coldplay

Sometimes you just need to cry!!!

This wasn't previously posted because it uses the song. Leave a comment when/if this video is removed. We'll then remove it from the post.

Obviously written by Nasim. Women find this hilarious. Do you? =^)


Monday, December 5, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Sue - Work Surprise (SNL)

Sketch - Surprise

Steve Buscemi ... Arnie
Paul Brittain ... employee
Abby Elliott ... employee
Bill Hader ... employee
Kristen Wiig ... Sue

When Playskool workers gather to surprise a coworker with a promotion, Sue has a hard time handling the moment.

This is Kristen's fourth skit with the character. Her first was on 04.05.2008.

It's interesting to see Kristen taking this character in wacky new directions. Did you like it?


Kristen Wiig Blog - Go WIDE!!!

Just a quick announcement that the Kristen Wiig blog has been updated with a new, wider format! This way you can read more with less scrolling and get wider photos and videos!

You're welcome!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kristen Wiig is The Riddler??? (SNL Digital Short - Batman)

Film - SNL Digital Short: Batman Steve

Buscemi ... Jim
Paul Brittain ... Aquaman
Andy Samberg ... Batman
Jason Sudeikis ... doctor
Kristen Wiig ... wife

Commissioner Gordon can't seem to shake that Batman, who's starting to show up at the most unusual times.

Hahahahaha! That's hilarious!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bridesmaids Cast Interview

After a rough night a hungover bridesmaid sits down to ask Paul Feig, Judd Apatow, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne, Ellie Kemper, Wendi Mclendon Covey and Melissa McCarthy some questions about their movie, Bridesmaids and for a possible ride home.

Another interviewer trying to become famous. But it's still a good bit.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Kristen Wiig solves Global Warming (Funny or Die)

So this is why Funny or Die is still around... they keep packing their vids with hilarious actors!

And here is the full video with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Matt Damon, Bill Clinton, and all the folks:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kristen Wiig in sexy lingerie (GQ photos)

Most know her for her sense of humor, but Kristen Wiig is showing off a side many don’t see very often. Kristen Wiig poses in black lingerie in GQ's new 'Men of the Year'…

The “Saturday Night Live” star appears in GQ’s “Men of the Year” issue, showing off her body in nothing but black lingerie and a tuxedo jacket.

Named “Bro of the Year” in the magazine, Wiig receives praise from her “Bridesmaids” co-star Jon Hamm.

Before teaming up on the big screen to play Wiig’s arrogant, egotistical lover, Hamm first noticed the actress while watching an “SNL” skit titled “Lady Business.”

"Kristen's line was, ‘I'm a bitch in the boardroom, a bore in the bedroom, and I'm a bear on the toilet,' which she delivered with over-the-top seriousness," Hamm, 40, said. "I thought, 'My God, this girl is funny.' "

Hamm admits that while Wiig is "incredibly shy," he admires her talents to dramatically transform into different characters on-screen.

"This is a woman who wore coconuts on her t--s on 'SNL,'” he said. “She can go to the craziest, most grotesque places on plant in character."

Her knack for taking on the raunchiest of roles isn't the only thing Hamm admires.

Here's the video about Kristen Wiig stripping down for GQ Magazine:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kristen Wiig is NOT going to make a Porky's Sequel!!! (Guardian Interview)

Kristen Wiig's gone from working as a waitress to filming with Robert De Niro and Sean Penn. Emma Brockes hears how the summer's hit film Bridesmaids helped put the actor on the map.

Kristen Wiig: 'Bridesmaids was definitely the biggest role I’ve ever had.'

Kristen Wiig has had the kind of summer one might imagine to be life-changing. For four years, she and Annie Mumolo, her friend and co-writer, slaved over a comedy script commissioned by Judd Apatow about a woman whose best friend is getting married. It was the 38-year-old's first lead in a film, and her first full-length script to be produced. As an indication of how it played with audiences, I watched it on a plane last month with a friend who, during the scene in which the bride squats in the street to relieve herself after a bad kebab, laughed so long and hard a woman passing in the aisle leant over and said, "What are you watching?"

Wiig smiles when I tell her this. "Proud," she says, of the day they filmed the shi**ing-in-the-street scene. "A proud moment."

We are in the tearoom of a fashionable hotel in Tribeca, the Manhattan neighbourhood where Wiig lives. Before Bridesmaids, she was known to US audiences as a long-running cast member of Saturday Night Live and elsewhere for scene-stealing cameos in films such as Ghost Town and Knocked Up.

That the film, by midsummer, had grossed more than $150m in the US and outstripped not only all of Apatow's other films, but every "R-rated female comedy" in history, puts Wiig in the zone of woman of the moment, although she chafes against this, with its implication that before Bridesmaids she was an ingenue.

The famous duelling speeches scene from Bridesmaids:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Next SNL Hosts: Steve Buscemi, Katy Perry, & Jimmy Fallon

Episode 710 - December 3, 2011

"Steve Buscemi" & The Black Keys

Episode 711 - December 10, 201

"Katy Perry" & Robyn

Episode 712 - December 17, 2011

"Jimmy Fallon" & Michael Bublé


Steve Buscemi has also hosted on 04.04.1998 (he played the Mad Hatter, was in Bill Clinton, Morning Latte, Goth Talk, and Judge Judy skits). He cameo'd on 10.15.1994 when John Travolta hosted (Steve was in "Quentin Tarantino's Welcome Back, Kotter") and he did a filmed cameo on 04.15.2000 when Tobey Maguire hosted.

Katy Perry should be interesting. Katy was a musical guest on 09.25.2010 (Amy Poehler hosted). She got her acting chops going by playing a young woman who was well endowed on Bronx Beat (Maya Rudolph cameo'd) and she cameo'd in Boogerman (a horrible use of Katy Perry in a digital short).

Kristen and Jimmy are hilarious together on the Late Night Show (and they costarred in Whip It). I can't wait to see what they've cooked up together!


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kristen Wiig announces for the Blue Jean Committee

Sketch - The Blue Jean Committee

Jason Segel ... Marshall Haynes
Florence Welch ... patron
Jim Henson's Muppets
Paul Rudd ... patron
Fred Armisen ... J.C.
Vanessa Bayer ... patron
Abby Elliott ... patron
Bill Hader ... bartender
Taran Killam ... patron
Bobby Moynihan ... patron
Andy Samberg ... patron
Jason Sudeikis ... Little Andrew
Kenan Thompson ... Lee
Kristen Wiig ... emcee

A local band with a very local sound and set list, including "Massachusetts Afternoon," plays for a very local crowd.

Kristen Wiig announces this skit.

This is a normal thing Fred does. He likes to do these musical skits where he teams with the musical guest or in this case with Jason Segel, Kenan, and Jason.

The humor is mostly subtle, including shots of the audience rocking out. And Muppets!!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Mitt Romney's Former Employee (SNL)

Cold Opening - Mitt Romney Raw & Unleashed

Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Jeff
Jay Pharoah ... aide
Jason Sudeikis ... Mitt Romney
Kristen Wiig ... Deborah Singer

Tired of seeing other GOP candidates steal the media spotlight, Mitt Romney is making some drastic changes to his campaign.

Mitt once told Kristen's Deborah character that she was a sharp dresser. Wow! =^)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kristen Wiig's Triangle Sally returns!!! (SNL Video)

Commercial - A New Jack Thanksgiving

Jason Segel ... Men In Vests member
Florence Welch ... Flow Diggity Flow Doubt
Vanessa Bayer ... B.L.T. member
Abby Elliott ... B.L.T. member
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Bobby Moynihan ... Medium Richard
Nasim Pedrad ... B.L.T. member
Jay Pharoah ... Sweaty Keith
Andy Samberg ... Cross Chris
Kenan Thompson ... announcer (voice)
Kenan Thompson ... John Juan Twan
Kristen Wiig ... Triangle Sally

Take your Thanksgiving celebration to a new level with some retro New Jack holiday hits.

Nice performance by Florence Welch from Florence & the Machine!

This is a follow up to Worst of Soul Train from 01.08.2011. Bobby played a similar host. The only consistent character is Kristen Wiig's Triangle Sally, who the audience loved!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kristen Wiig plays Chess with Andy Samberg (SNL Digital Short)

Olivia Munn and Jason Segel give cameo appearances here...

Want a new approach to picking up women? Try a classic game, such as chess, or even a staring contest.

I didn't see the Staring Contest one, but there are a few bits here, like eating glass...

I think this really goes back to a lot of the infomercial skits that were more common on In Living Color, SCTV, and 70s/80s SNL (specifically Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy were masters of the infomercial skits, where they established repeat characters with them).

What did you think?


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Mrs. Vogelcheck (with Jason Segel and Paul Rudd)

Sketch - Affectionate Family

Jason Segel ... Jacob Vogelcheck
Paul Rudd ... Austin Vogelcheck
Fred Armisen ... Mr. Vogelcheck
Vanessa Bayer ... Lucy
Bill Hader ... Dwayne Vogelcheck
Jay Pharoah ... homeless man
Andy Samberg ... Pete
Kristen Wiig ... Mrs. Vogelcheck

The Vogelchecks have no problem showing affection when their son brings home his girlfriend for Thanksgiving.

This is their fifth time with this skit.

The food gags are too much! Hilarious! And Paul Rudd! Too much! Andy kisses the camera! Ha!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Janelle in Retirement Party (new SNL character!!!)

Sketch - Retirement Party

Jason Segel ... Louis
Fred Armisen ... Mitch Gurst
Vanessa Bayer ... Marilyn Shemp
Paul Brittain ... employee
Taran Killam ... employee
Bobby Moynihan ... Dr. Gil Peabody
Nasim Pedrad ... Madge Ortiz
Jay Pharoah ... Taffy Peterson
Kenan Thompson ... emcee
Kristen Wiig ... Janelle Mumrot

It's Mitch's last day and an office gets awkward when his secretary is forced to say something and a big secret is exposed.

Ha. New character for Kristen Wiig! This new character is Janelle.

Very amusing.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Kathy Lee - and is back!!! (SNL Regis Philbin auditions)

With Regis' last show in the books, the producers pair Kelly Ripa up with some potential replacements including Charles Barkley, George Lopez and Denzel Washington.

Some fantastic impressions here! The audience is LOVING it!!!

It's also clear that the audience wants another skit devoted to Jay as Denzel Washtington!

Kristen comes on at the end as... you guessed it...

Kathy Lee Gifford!

What's the best impression???

Jason Segel's Antonia Banderas
Kristen Wiig's Kathy Lee Gifford
Bobby Moynihan's Rosie O'Donnell
Jay Pharoah's Denzel Washington

I loved Bobby's Rosie! Short and sweet, but all four of these (as well as Bill Hader's take) were all hilarious!


Kristen Wiig + Jason Segel + Florence & the Machine = SNL Promo goodness!!!

Jason Segel hosts an all-new SNL 11/19 with musical guest Florence and the Machine.

Some funny bits here. But what do you expect with Kristen Wiig teamed up with Jason Segel???


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kristen Wiig announces for "Les Jeunes de Paris" (no video ever!!!)

Why isn't it ever online? What's the deal?

Show - Les Jeunes de Paris

Emma Stone ... Juliette
Fred Armisen ... captain
Paul Brittain ... Marius
Abby Elliott ... French girl
Taran Killam ... Francois
Bobby Moynihan ... Stewart
Nasim Pedrad ... French girl
Andy Samberg ... Quasimodo
Kristen Wiig ... announcer (voice)

Andy Samberg played Quasimodo! Hilarious!

My guess is that there's a song in it that NBC doesn't have the rights to. That's why it never makes it online.

What? Lose the song! Edit it out or stop including the song in these skits! Something!!!

So "Les Jeunes de Paris" has been on SNL three times now...


Kristen has always announced for it.

Emma Stone appeared as Juliette in the first episode with it, so naturally it's back for this time when she hosts.

Maybe Emma was involved when writing it, but it seems to be a writing collaboration between the newer guys, Taran, Paul, and Bobby:

Andy Samberg once played a mime:

Even the returning ladies are played by Abby and Nasim, like they're excluding the SNL legends who likely are leaving the show soon...


Friday, November 18, 2011

Kristen Wiig - Bridal Shower (SNL)

Hot off Bridesmaids and Kristen Wiig is the Bride in a Bridal Shower. Is she taking notes for Bridesmaids 2? Wink wink.

So this is a new Emma Stone character where she's a little off.

Sketch - Bridal Shower Gifts

Emma Stone ... Wallace
Fred Armisen ... Tony
Vanessa Bayer ... Kendra
Abby Elliott ... Maria
Taran Killam ... stripper
Nasim Pedrad ... Mrs. Malone
Andy Samberg ... stripper
Kristen Wiig ... bride

A bridal shower first timer makes things awkward with her behaivor and gift choices.

Andy and Taran are the strippers. But don't get too excited. They don't get to strip. =^)

This is pretty funny. The cast mostly supports Emma's new character here, Wallace. I can see Emma coming back to host again with a character like this.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kristen Wiig is a Droid in Technology Hump (SNL)

Show - We're Going To Make Technology Hump

Technology Hump is the authority for hot device-on-device action.

Emma Stone ... Colleen
Vanessa Bayer ... iPad
Jay Pharoah ... digital camera
Andy Samberg ... Jacob
Jason Sudeikis ... video game controller
Kristen Wiig ... Droid


Andy and Emma host this hilarious show with all sorts of tecchnology sex scenes. Hilariously wrong!

A lot of the cast lend their voices.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kristen Wiig gets felt up... by a Mic? (Herb Welch on SNL)

Veteran reporter Herb Welch covers an angry group of residents who are battling falling ice.

Show - WXPD News New York

Emma Stone ... Cynthia Coraline Aronowitz
Bill Hader ... Herb Welch
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Nasim Pedrad ... Wanda Ramirez
Jason Sudeikis ... Jack Rizzoli
Kristen Wiig ... president

Bill Hader takes hitting Kristen Wiig in her privates to extreme levels, which makes Kristen almost crack a smile, and Hader cracks at the end there.

The crowd bursts out in laughter.

Hader just doesn't look old enough in these skits.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Michele Bachmann in the SNL Cold Opening where Rick Perry forgets

The latest Republican debate for the party's seat in the 2012 presidential race is marked by Rick Perry's inability to finish points.

Cold Opening - The Republican Presidential Debate

Fred Armisen ... John Harwood
Paul Brittain ... Ron Paul
Bill Hader ... Rick Perry
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Jon Huntsman
Bobby Moynihan ... Newt Gingrich
Nasim Pedrad ... Maria Bartiromo
Andy Samberg ... Rick Santorum
Jason Sudeikis ... Mitt Romney
Kenan Thompson ... Herman Cain
Kristen Wiig ... Michele Bachmann

Andy is freaking out a little.

Love the Mice & Men reference! Not entirely sure why they didn't really have Mitt shoot Perry.

So this skit barely covers Cain's sexual allegations (women who he supposedly unsuccessfully hit on for affairs have come forward). But then it focuses on Perry's mistake (forgetting the third government department he would close) and then beautifully turned it into a Mice & Men reference.

Interestingly they showed Romney to be the intelligent and clever one in this skit.

This is Kristen's sixth appearance as Michele Bachmann, but she only appears in one shot in this skit!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Mindy Gracin in Secret Word # (SNL)

Mindy Elise Grayson returns for another appearance on Secret Word, this time facing off against the Miss America candidate from Georgia.

Gameshow - Secret Word

Emma Stone ... Charlene Stumphries
Paul Brittain ... contestant
Bill Hader ... Lyle Round
Steve Higgins ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... contestant
Kristen Wiig ... Mindy Gracin

This is Kristen's sixth appearance as Mindy.

The skit is pretty lame, but Emma Stone's Charlene really outshines everyone here!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kristen Wiig - Garth and Kat with Jann Pocketbook!

Garth and Kat to share some of their new festive tracks in honor of Thanksgiving with backup singer Jann Pocketbook.

They bring out the Coldplay lead to mix it up!

Fred loves to do things with the Musical Guests. He writes for them a lot.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kristen Wiig at the American Musuem Of Natural History

Emma Stone is hosting tonight! Check it out!

And... How does Kristen look? Leave a comment with your answer!

The American Musuem Of Natural History's Annual Museum Gala (Kristen Wiig)

Kristen at the American Museum Of Natural History's Annual Museum Gala in New York City, NY. (November 10, 2011)

In this next photo, Kristen Wiig is starting look more like Michele Bachmann than she does on SNL:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Should Kristen Wiig Play Chord Overstreet's Mom? is reporting that Smallville alum John Schneider has been cast as Sam's dad. As of right now, he's only booked for one episode, the same one where Chord makes his big return (episode eight)...

Glee is currently casting for Sam's mom, aka: Momma Trouty-Mouth, and we have first dibs as to who we think should grace Lima, Ohio with her presence. We've come up with some fabulous ladies who would be perfect to play the mom of a life-sized Ken doll and we need your help to decide who would be the very best...

That's right, take it all in! Sam's return is only four episodes away and rumor has it he'll be singing Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song." However, the actress who will play his mom has not yet been unveiled. A little fishy has told us that they are looking for a blonde or brunette woman in her 40s. Hmm…

True, Glee will most likely cast a lesser-known actress for the part, but just let us dream, OK? Whoever this woman will be, we hear she might be around for more than one episode. We are so excited to finally get to meet some more parents this season (still waiting on Rachel's dads!), so we've rounded up out Top Picks to join the cast as Mrs. Evans:

Kristen Wiig: After watching her numerous years on SNL and practically choking on our Sour Patch Kids from laughter during Bridesmaids, we are confident that Wiig could take any role and spin it into comedic gold. And as an added bonus she totally looks like she could be related to Sam! (It's all in the noses.)

Read the rest here:


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Shania "In These Shoes?" Tunt (SNL's Kings of Catch Phrases)

Commercial - The Original Kings Of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2

Charlie Day ... Dirk "Jack-Knife" Cane
Adam Levine ... Adam "Hawk Attack" Levine
Fred Armisen ... Jorge "That Ain't A/This Is A" Miguel
Vanessa Bayer ... Addi "News Flash" Sweeney
Paul Brittain ... Goran "Funky Boy" Bogdan
Abby Elliott ... Fur Coat Rhonda
Bill Hader ... Rick "Watch It Or I'll S*** Your C***!" Tipenski
Taran Killam ... The Squeefy Brothers
Taran Killam ... announcer (voice)
Seth Meyers ... Boston Powers
Bobby Moynihan ... Slappy Pappy
Nasim Pedrad ... Bonnie "My Vagina" Carolina
Jay Pharoah ... Black Stewie Griffin
Andy Samberg ... Gavin "What If It Had Boobs" Speiller
Jason Sudeikis ... Chris "Who Said That" Bruss
Kenan Thompson ... David "Beef Jelly" Winfield
Kristen Wiig ... Shania "In These Shoes?" Tunt

The kings of catchphrases are back, and this time Dirk 'Jack-Knife' Cane is in the house!

Kristen's bit wasn't really funny, but she still sold it with the look afterward.

My favorite bits are how Andy Samberg channeled Adam Sandler for the b00b$ bit, Nasim Pedrad's v@gina bit, (nice set up), Black Stewie Griffin, and Adam "Hawk Attack" Levine. Hahaha.

Boston Powers, Slappy Pappy, Funky Boy, News Flash, Beef Jelly, and Fur Coat Rhonda didn't have the same punch as they did last time (understandable, since it's a one-joke gag, but still I'd think they could keep them fresh somehow).


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Kris Jenner (SNL's Kardashians)

Commercial - Kim's Fairytale Divorce

Charlie Day ... Ken Harris
Vanessa Bayer ... Kourtney Kardashian
Abby Elliott ... Khloé Kardashian
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Taran Killam ... Bruce Jenner
Nasim Pedrad ... Kim Kardashian
Jay Pharoah ... Lamar Odom
Andy Samberg ... Kris Humphries
Kristen Wiig ... Kris Jenner

You've watched the wedding special, now get an all-access pass to Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries.

Kristen does a good job selling the mom who wants attention. I think the surprise winner here is Taran Killam's Bruce Jenner impression!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kristen Wiig is the director in a Dolphin Movie

Sketch - Because Of One Dolphin

Charlie Day ... Terry
Paul Brittain ... marker
Taran Killam ... Miles
Kenan Thompson ... boom mic operator
Kristen Wiig ... director

An actor has trouble working in a scene with a dolphin, and the production crew doesn't seem to understand.

Kristen plays the director straight. The tension here is that Charlie Day's Terry gets distracted by the weird dolphin commands.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Kristen Wiig gets crabs from sex with Andy Samberg (SNL's Greek gods)

Let's talk about this hilarious and witty sketch...

Sketch - Greek Gods

Charlie Day ... Dionysus
Adam Levine ... Yanni
Fred Armisen ... Klaus
Vanessa Bayer ... Artemis
Paul Brittain ... Hermes
Abby Elliott ... Aphrodite
Bill Hader ... Hades
Taran Killam ... Ares
Bobby Moynihan ... Demeter
Nasim Pedrad ... Athena
Jay Pharoah ... Apollo
Andy Samberg ... Poseidon
Jason Sudeikis ... Zeus
Kenan Thompson ... Eros
Kristen Wiig ... Hera

Zeus summons the gods to figure out the financial crisis in Greece.

Jason Sudeikis has the largest part (as Zeus), but Andy's gag comes back because he's the god who turns into a dolphin who has sex...

And that's where Kristen Wiig comes in!

All are on their game here. Bobby Moynihan is pretty funny as the god of harvest (I think the god of harvest should have been put on the spot more for economic responsibility), Andy Samberg as Poseidon who turns into a dolphin when making love, Jay Pharoah puts on some white makeup for a funny gag as Apollo, and Kristen Wiig makes a great bitter wife, who happens to have gotten crabs from making love with Andy Samberg's Poseidon.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Judy Grimes (11/5/11) on SNL!

Kristen Wiig's Judy Grimes is back!

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers
Bill Hader ... Rick Perry
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Kristen Wiig ... Judy Grimes

Weekend Update travel guru Judy Grimes again wrestles with her nerves on air.

This is Kristen's sixth appearance as Judy Grimes.

She did this character on...

Now this is not one of her most popular characters (like Lawrence Welk's Dooneese, Gilly, Penelope, Shana, two A-Holes, Kat and Garth, Target Lady), but it's probably one of the best to show that Kristen Wiig has MAD SKILLS.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kristen Wiig - Bridesmaids reunion

Kristen Wiig, Judd Apatow and Co. Offer 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Bridesmaids

For the first time since Bridesmaids premiered this past spring, the comedy’s filmmakers and cast gathered last night in Hollywood for a special Screen Actors Guild Awards screening of their surprise box office smash. Afterward, Judd Apatow (who executive produced the film) moderated a Q&A panel comprised of director Paul Feig, stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Wendi McLendon-Covey as well as Annie Mumolo, who co-wrote the screenplay with Wiig. What transpired was an entertaining discussion about the movie “that changed female comedy.” The most exciting revelations follow.

1. Many of Kristen Wiig’s onscreen trials and tribulations are based on the real-life experiences of co-writer Mumolo — including the P.O.S. car.

Mumolo: I did drive that car except mine had the two rearview mirrors hanging off the side and one was sort of duct-taped on. That was my car.

Wiig: Annie was a bridesmaid, I think, seven times in two years. She’s really popular.

Mumolo: Not anymore. But yeah, I was a bridesmaid seven times. One time, two [weddings] at once. I had the experience of watching all of your friends working it out and doing it but not doing it yourself in any way, shape or form. [I remember] going to these fancy engagement parties and coming back to my apartment and having to crawl through the window because the door swells with the weather. You’d have to pull out the air conditioner and climb in — with all of these fancy party favors. Stuff like that.

2. Wendi based her character on horrible moms everywhere — including the ones on Bravo.

Apatow: You fake hatred for kids well.

McLendon-Covey: That’s because so many people I meet and eavesdrop on — that’s one of my special skills on my resume — talk so badly about their kids. It’s just horrifying. You think, “Okay, well someone’s going to kill you in your sleep.” The Real Housewives of Orange County — I take a lot of material from them because those bitches just cannot be placated. They cannot be happy about anything. They’re all rich. They have perfectly nice husbands and they just hate every minute of it.”

3. Rose Byrne had little to no actual bridesmaid experience when she joined this movie.

McLendon-Covey: Poor Rose. She’s from Australia and they don’t do this in Australia. They don’t have bridal showers and all of this stuff. She was like, “What are you talking about? I don’t know what that is.” But she sure picked up on it.

4. All onscreen defecation was real. (Just kidding)

But you did actually poop on the street. Because you’re method, like De Niro.
Apatow: [Joking] But you did actually poop on the street. Because you’re method, like De Niro.

Rudolph: That was real everybody.

Apatow: Melissa too. All real.

McCarthy: It was important for me to make that realistic.

5. At one point, Melissa McCarthy’s character was supposed to be even crazier.

Wiig: We didn’t want to make [Megan] too crazy. At one point I remember we were like, “Should she only dress in rockabilly [clothing]?”

McCarthy: I actually had a four-hour fitting for a rockabilly wardrobe, which was really unflattering.

Feig: We should publish those pictures because I’ve never seen you look less happy.

Wiig: A lot of black bowling shirts with flames. Caring so much about the character, it was that we wanted her to look a certain way but be feminine. […] She could have really long fingernails and wear a pearl necklace but also have a carpal tunnel wrist brace on her arm…

Feig: …that is never explained.

6. Ellie Kemper cannot lie about a bad haircut.

Wiig: [to McCarthy] Remember you had that [very short] wig on and Ellie, who is the most polite person in the world, thought you had cut your hair.

McCarthy: I was in the trailer and Ellie is kind of exactly like she seems in the movie — but smarter, greater and not as crazy. I came in and Ellie [saw my hair] and said [in spot-on Ellie Kemper impression], “Oh! Hi! Look what you did!” I just let her hang. I had a random conversation about traffic because I could tell in her head, she was like “Ohhhhh.”

Finally, I said, “You know it’s a wig, right?” And said “Oh! Oh! God.”

7. The dress fitting scene laden with bathroom humor was not Kristen Wiig’s idea.

Wiig: Judd and Paul threw it out when we were doing a lot of rewrites. You want to have really funny things in the movie but the most important thing is the story. We had to figure out how my character messes up again and again and slowly drives Lillian insane. We had a whole other scene that was in there for awhile and we really needed to up the stakes. Judd said, “You know, they go to a restaurant before [the dress fitting]. Maybe it’s a really bad restaurant and something happens.” Initially, Annie and I were like, “Uh, so there is going to be throwing up and shit? OK.” But to Paul and Judd’s credit, it was done in a very nurturing way. They said, “Write your version. If it works, it works.” So Annie and I sat down and wrote…”and then Megan gets up on the sink.”

8. Speaking of the disastrous sink incident, Melissa McCarthy had to do an official jump test before shooting.

McCarthy: I kept thinking [the sink sequence] will probably go away before we shoot. Then there was the moment where they said, “We need you to come and do a jump test to see if the sink is the right height.” The crew guys who had not read the script were looking around like, “What the hell is about to happen?” It was about two hours. They would say, “You’re pretty short and a regular vanity would come up to about here.” I was like, “Why am I having this conversation about my jumping ability!?”

Feig: There were some seriously technical discussions about shitting in a sink.

9. Megan and Air Marshall Jon are married in real life.

McCarthy: My favorite scene [to shoot] was the plane. Kristen kept coming through the [first class curtains] with a completely different character — all so funny. At one point, we had to realize that we couldn’t just be laughing through the takes. And also because I got to work with my husband.

Feig: For those of you who don’t know, Air Marshall Jon is Melissa’s real-life husband. Ben Falcone, SAG member. He’s vested!



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