Monday, October 19, 2009

Kristen Wiig - is Trina (New Secretary)

SNL 10/17/09 - Gerard Butler and Shakira

Sketch: Cottage Cheese Ideas

The new secretary finds a doughnut.

Gerard Butler ... Thomas
Jason Sudeikis ... Mr. Blakely
Kristen Wiig ... Trina

So Kristen has done this character before. It's very funny at parts, but not her best.

I think I'd like this Trina character better if she was in a scenario where she was the focal character, rather than interrupting the focal character.

For example, if she was having lunch, and it centered around her annoying other people trying to eat. Or if she was shopping and annoying other shoppers and clerks. Or even if they made it a dual skit and gave her another


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