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Kristen Wiig's boyfriend - Brian Petsos or Fabrizio Moretti?

Kristen Wiig's rumored to be dating Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, but still linked to beau Brian Petsos

Kristen Wiig got together with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti at a Black Keys album party.

Kristen Wiig may have a new beau — but what happened to her old one?

The “Saturday Night Live” funnygirl has been linked with the Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, but until recently, Wiig was in a long-term relationship with her live-in boyfriend, actor-filmmaker Brian Petsos. The 37-year-old had often waxed poetically about “The Funny or Die” producer (Petsos), whom she first met when she was 15.

Just this past June, in an interview promoting her flick “Bridesmaids” with the British publication Stylist, she told the mag she had “been in a relationship for years now and we consider ourselves married.”

Wiig, who had previously been hitched to actor Hayes Hargrove , added that she didn’t “see the need for an actual wedding.” But according to a source, things became “troubled” between the shacked-up pair over the summer. Both parties kept things quiet as the relationship began to unravel, due to Wiig’s tendency to be a “private and shy” person.

The insider, who is close to Wiig’s launch pad to success, “SNL,” adds that her rise to fame was part of the wedge between the long-time couple.

“She became really famous, really fast,” says the source, pointing out that Wiig had struggled as a comedian for a long time with Petsos before hitting it big. “And everyone knew it, especially Brian.” While the insider called Petsos a “seemingly supportive” person, the differences in the status of their entertainment careers began to “wear on them.”

But things haven’t gone completely sour between Wiig and her former flame. “They still talk,” says the source. “I’m sure [the thing with\] Fabrizio is going to surprise a lot of people around her.”

Wiig and Moretti, who were first spotted together at a celebration at the W Hotel for the Black Keys’ new album on Monday, looked awfully cozy on Wednesday evening at a party at the Absolut House on the LES, hosted by Chris Taylor of the band Grizzly Bear. A source at the bash says Wiig arrived solo, telling a few of the guests that she was “meeting a friend there.” Eventually the musician, who dated Drew Barrymore for five years until 2007, arrived at the party, making a beeline for the lithe blond. Our insider says Wiig and Moretti “were openly all over each other.”

When a photographer went to snap their picture together, “she freaked out.” The source says Wiig looked both ways, as if trying to find an escape route, and in a chivalrous move the 31-year-old drummer “covered her with a coat” to block her face from the flashes. “They definitely did not want to be photographed together,” says the party-goer, adding the loved-up duo left together before 11 p.m.

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Kristen Wiig is ready to rock with Fabrizio Moretti.

The Saturday Night Live comic and Bridesmaids star, 38, was spotted with the Strokes drummer, 31, at Monday's bash for the Black Keys' new album at the W Hotel in NYC.

"Kristen and Fabrizio were making out in a booth," an observer tells Us Weekly. "They were all over each other! They were definitely not discreet."

(The New York Post's Page Six also reported the siting at the W, noting the pair "were literally on op of each other."

She and Moretti (who dated Drew Barrymore for five years before splitting in 2007) were seen together again two nights later at a Wednesday party at Absolut House on Manhattan's Lower East Side, according to another witness. Wiig was briefly married to actor Hayes Hargrove; as of May 2010, she was living with actor/filmmaker Brian Petsos.



What do you think? Should Kristen stay with Brian? Is this too personal to show here? Should stars be able to have these relationships in private?

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  1. Just keep it private and stop making me cry!- fab lover

  2. Kristen is so wonderful, I want to touched and be touched by her hypothetically speaking. When she dances my nose tingles with pent up excitement and my small toe nails itch with feeling of euphoria and bone jarring delight . How did so much talent fit in such a little box???

  3. Reading her and fab make out made me crumble, i love him!


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