Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kristen Wiig and Brian Petsos in Barry

So this is another video with Kristen's boyfriend (after her divorce last year, Kristen hooked up with Brian Petsos, her friend of 21 years).

BARRY, starring Kristen Wiig and Brian Petsos. Brad wants to introduce his girlfriend Rachel to a certain special someone. Rachel thinks she's in the midst of some kind of a deranged puppet show. But Barry isn't a puppet...

This video has had over 57,000 views.

And here's their first video together (which we already posted).

Kristen Wiig & Brian Petsos in CITYBEATS: RICK JEFFERS

CITYBEATS: RICK JEFFERS, starring Kristen Wiig and Brian Petsos. Public access news correspondent Jan Dawson interviews high school teacher Rick Jeffers. What ensues is a terrific portrayal of banality.

And here's Brian and Will Forte in False Face...

Falseface is the all too common tale of a friendship on the rocks. Victor (a man with a grotesquely long beard) offers Nathan a relaxing weekend respite at a cottage on Seneca Lake. Nathan can't go. No, he won't go! Victor must make some major changes in order for their friendship to continue.

credits: Starring Will Forte and Brian Petsos. Directed by Will Carlough. Story by Brian Petsos. Shot by Matt Elkind and Jennifer Johnson. Edited by Kramer O'Neill. Sound by Peter Fonda. Produced by Meredith Saunders and Liz Gallagher. Special thanks to Kristen Wiig.

The video has 41,000 views on Funny or Die and another 12,000 on YouTube.

Kristen gets a Special Thanks credit at the end. I like how Will Forte takes off the mask at the end. Nice!


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