Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kristen Wiig - Whip It: Interview and Clips

Go check out Whip It in the theaters! Here's an interview and clips of Kristen to wet your appetite:

Interview, Making of, and clips are in there!

At the end, they tricked us and Ellen didn't jump over Kristen (only I was too confused to know they were trying to trick us). Nice trick!


In the box office, Whip It isn't doing too hot. It's not supposed to, because it's an indie film. However, it's being promoted with enough energy where it should be doing much better than $5 million in 7 days. It's also in 1,700 theaters, which is half of what blockbusters get. However, it's definitely not making half the business that blockbusters make. That's a shame. I hope it goes on to get awards and do better in the DVD release.

Go here for the latest box office report on Whip It:


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