Monday, February 21, 2011

Was Kristen's skit the best part of the Russell Brand SNL episode?

Russell Brand would have seemed a logical choice to host “Saturday Night Live,” but it wasn’t a very rewarding night for him or for viewers.

Brand was at his best when he was doing very little. As a Travel Channel viewer who refused to get excited about winning a vacation, Brand held back and let Kristen Wiig go wonderfully over the top as an excited host. It was the night’s most amusing sketch.

There were a couple of witty commercials. “SNL” spoofed a British crime drama that needed subtitles. And “SNL” told us of a law firm representing people hurt at the Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

Otherwise, the sketches didn’t show off Brand’s talents or give him many worthwhile jokes. He was extremely loud as a king who needed a taster for his food. Brand was a saucy Brit who made whoopee with the defiantly single female host of “Livin’ Single.” And Brand went the drag route — and spread his legs — in “A Spot of Tea,” a lame sketch about British women measuring earthquakes.

Brand also had to make his way through a long and awkward opening monologue in which he revealed it’s nice to be married to Katy Perry. In the night’s final sketch, Brand played George Washington transported through time to the U.S. Capitol of today. That idea had potential, but the skit degenerated into a brawl.

“SNL” had the chance for topical humor in a send-up of the Bill O’Reilly-Barack Obama interview. Yet the results were flat, and so, too, was most of “Weekend Update.” Hosni Mubarak (Fred Armisen) did pop in to thank America for propping up his regime and to remind us behind every dictator there is an enabling superpower.

Also on “Weekend Update,” Bill Hader couldn’t help cracking up as city correspondent Stefon when chatting with Seth Meyers. Well, it was nice to know someone was enjoying himself.


Some definite opinions here. I agree with many of them, but a lot of people liked Brand's monologue.

Also no mention of my favorite part of the show, Taran Killam's Eminem.

What do you think of these opinions?


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