Monday, August 15, 2011

Kristen Wiig's Bridesmaids - Box Office Report

So we all know that Bridesmaids was a hit, but here's how much...

Domestic Total as of Aug. 11, 2011: $166,809,375

Domestic: $166,809,375 65.0%
+ Foreign: $89,800,000 35.0%

= Worldwide: $256,609,375

Production Budget: $32.5 million

So they spent $32.5 million making it and made $257 million from it (does not including theater costs, so not all that money goes back to the studio).

That makes it the #3 wedding movie, behind My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the Wedding Crashers...

1 My Big Fat Greek Wedding IFC $241,438,208 4/19/02
2 Wedding Crashers NL $209,255,921 7/15/05
3 Bridesmaids Uni. $166,809,375 5/13/11
4 Runaway Bride Par. $152,257,509 7/30/99
5 Mamma Mia! Uni. $144,130,063 7/18/08

Full list:

It's also the #1 alumni debut (and Kristen Wiig is still on SNL). It beat out Wayne's World (Mike Meyers), Animal House (John Belushi), 48 Hours (Eddie Murphy), Old School (Will Ferrell), Foul Play (Chevy Chase), Meatballs (Bill Murray), Running Scared (Billy Crystal), Billy Madison (Adam Sandler), Hot Rod (Andy Samberg), and Macgruber (Will Forte).

Full list:

Of course, Wiig's supported a ton, but this is her first starring role.

It's also the #1 Judd Appatow produced film, beating out Knocked Up, Superbad, and 40-Year Old Virgin. See more here:

The bottom line is that this was a huge hit, and Kristen Wiig should follow it up with a sequel. However, she has to make it an Austin Powers 2 or Hangover 2, not a Waynes World 2. =^)

In other words, go bigger and take it to the next level. Take Hangover 2 for example. How do you go bigger than the Hangover (trying to figure out what happened in Las Vegas)? They could have done the same thing again in Las Vegas or any other city. Instead, they did it in Thailand and went wild with it. It was similar, but it was also bigger and taken to the next level. The Hangover 2 was down a little in the US, but due to worldwide sales, it was up over a hundred million dollars above the original.


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