Thursday, December 31, 2009

Critics loved Kristen Wiig and Fred's Garth and Kat

ZOË RICE: Seth was off his game tonight, with some of the weakest punchlines all season, but thankfully, the guest appearances were some of the best. Oh Garth and Kat. Please keep coming back! I haven’t laughed at anything all season like I did at Armisen and Wiig as the singing duo. Their songs seemed genuinely improvised, which is the key to the humor. When Wiig seemed surprised by “highways,” I just lost it. Man, I watched this 3 times and I want to watch one more before I delete it from DVR. Big kudos to Armisen and Wiig.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Really enjoyed Wiig/Armisen improv. Seeing Wiig break character was shocking- something she never does.

STEVE MURPHY: Loved the Sarah Palin joke, Seth. A real winner. Bobby Moynihan kicked some a$$ as Snookie, a really hilarious, spray-tanned impression. Plus… back-abs. Classic. But Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig cracking themselves up improvising Christmas songs was maybe my favorite part of the show so far. Too, too funny. I could watch them do that all night long. Hell, Fred’s hair was hilarious all on his own. The end though was the best for me, where they kept singing, “and mountains… and mountains…” I think Wiig really did not know what Armisen was going to be saying, and was really following along live. Seems like the kind of thing they did once just hanging out that turned into something hilarious.

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