Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kristen Wiig's Kat - finally a new character?

This weekend's "Saturday Night Live" proved exactly what I've been saying for months -- when "SNL" allows Kristen Wiig to introduce a new character it's a million times better than forcing her to rehash Junice, Gilly or Target Lady for the umpteenth time.

And while the final episode of the decade opened up with another performance from the baby handed SIDS sister, we were introduced to the unprepared Garth & Kat during "Weekend Update" and I know this is a duo we'll be seeing again. For better or worse.


Personally, I think this wasn't as much of a Kristen Wiig character as Kristen (and later Seth) attempting to keep up with Fred's improv singing (and pretty bad singing at that). This might have actually been funnier with someone other than Fred leading it, but I'm sure this was Fred's idea in the first place.


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