Monday, August 23, 2010

Fred Armisen dating Abby Elliott?

As a disclaimer, this looks a little like celebrity gossip, so it might not be 100% true, but there are quotes and stuff, so it probably is true.

Fred Armisen has been linked with 'Saturday Night Live' costar Abby Elliott, with Life & Style reporting he's officially dating the actress, who is two decades his junior. This news comes just days after Armisen's split from 'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss was revealed; the married couple separated in May after 10 months of marriage in what was termed an amicable separation.
Armisen, 43, joined 'SNL' in 2002; Elliott, 23, came onboard in 2008. Of the new couple, a source tells Life & Style: "After the split, Fred sought comfort in Abby. They just started dating a few months ago. Fred and Abby are getting to know each other in a romantic way and taking things slowly. But they're enjoying each other's company."

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Although Kristen isn't great friends with Abby yet, she does have a long friendship with Fred.

We hope up that Fred and Abby don't break up and make the workplace awkward!

Of course, seeing how Lorne and Kristen were doing some heavy scouting together (Lorne doesn't usually go scouting himself that often), there's a decent chance that Lorne's doing what he did in 2005, where he bumps up Abby and Bobby this year (I hope) and features three or so new faces. It makes a huge cast, but it's good for a transition as the older players leave.



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  1. To quote Fred doing his Joy Behar impression..."So what?"..."Who cares?"


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