Thursday, August 26, 2010

Should Jimmy Fallon host SNL?

Jimmy Fallon would be a great host! Plus Andy does like the only great Jimmy Fallon impression, so it would be hilarious if they did like Celebrity Jeopardy or something and played each other!

Plus Jimmy and Andy are great friends and have amazing chemistry together (as well as Jimmy and Kristen), so you'd know Andy would be an active participant in that episode.

Jimmy was on SNL from 98 to 2004. He never hosted SNL, but he cameo'd on 4/9/05, 2/4/06, 12/16/06, and 5/9/09. (The last two were when Timberlake hosted, so they could do the Barry Gibbs Talk Show together.)

Plus it was Jimmy who got Andy to perform I'm on a Boat live (for the first time), and to bring back Lazy Sunday with Chris Parnell (and to make it look like it wasn't rehearsed until they got going)...


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