Friday, December 2, 2011

Kristen Wiig solves Global Warming (Funny or Die)

So this is why Funny or Die is still around... they keep packing their vids with hilarious actors!

And here is the full video with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Matt Damon, Bill Clinton, and all the folks:

Is it just a given at this point that you can turn on a camera, aim it at Kristen Wiig, and funny will follow? Because I'm thinking that's what happened here. I'll even bet Funny or Die didn't mean to make this clip at all. Everyone was sitting around a table shooting out ideas for sketches when they realized they got nada and decided to string Wiig's genius one-liners into a clip. That or I'm completely drunk on Kristen Wiig. One of the two. (Write up from:

Hey, Clinton's comedic timing's not half bad. And there's a nice little dig in there from Kristen Wiig at the famous climate change deniers' talking point about how breathing emits CO2, to boot. Nice to see this goofy, winking shout-out for the Clinton Global Initiative, the annual conference that actually does put some pretty big ideas into action. (Write up from

- Ben Stiller
- Kristen Wiig
- Jack Black
- Matt Damon
- Ted Danson
- Sean Penn
- Kevin Spacey
- Bill Clinton
- Mary Steenburgen


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