Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Triangle Sally in Beethoven: Ode To Joy (SNL)

Sketch - Beethoven: Ode To Joy

Jimmy Fallon ... Ludwig van Beethoven
Chris Kattan ... Octo Olrich
Horatio Sanz ... Victor Heinz
Fred Armisen ... Casper Niles
Vanessa Bayer ... castrato
Paul Brittain ... Rolf "The Hitman" Hitler
Abby Elliott ... castrato
Bill Hader ... Gayhard Munch
Taran Killam ... Gregor Lindt
Bobby Moynihan ... Voldemort Robin
Nasim Pedrad ... castrato
Andy Samberg ... Franz Liebsch
Jason Sudeikis ... Herman Frump
Kenan Thompson ... B.B. King
Kristen Wiig ... Triangle Sally

Ludwig van Beethoven takes a minute to thank the musicians who make his masterpieces possible.

This is Kristen's third appearance as Triangle Sally, and her second appearance this season! It's Sally's first appearance where she apparently went back in time... or something. =^)

Well it looks like they were having a lot of fun with this. Pretty much everyone is in this (except Jay Pharoah).


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