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Bridesmaids DVD Review: Funny but not as hilarious as advertised

Bridesmaids has a number of moments that show its sheer comedic genius but its also filled with a number of cricket spurring moments.

Bridesmaids is a moderately entertaining, unorthodox commingling of rauchiness, senselessness and zaniness. The film uses an uncommon approach to comedy that is sparsely laced with moments of comedy however, it doesn’t quite measure up to the hype that surrounded it during its stint in the theaters over this past summer. The movie stars Kristen Wiig (Whip It), Mya Randolph (MacGrubber), Rose Byrne (Insidious), Melissa McCarthy (The Back-Up Plan), Chris O’Dowd (Gulliver’s Travels), John Hamm (The Town), and Terry Crews (The Expendables).

Bridesmaids is a humorous, crude farce about the true test of friendship through time and change. The film uses a jocular approach to tell the story of two lifelong friends whose lives have taken two completely contrasting directions. As one has found a happy and healthy relationship, the other’s life has taken a turn in the opposite direction. This is a comedy that is truly a story of a woman that has lost her way in life. Annie (Wiig) is at a crossroads in her professional and personal life but it all boils to a head when her best friend’s life is set to undergo a drastic change. Annie begins to question the bond between the two as it is tested because of change. At the core of this misleading debacle is the warm story of two friends who‘s lives have taken different directions causing the nature of their childhood friendship to change. After Lillian (Randolph) announces her marriage, Annie discovers the relationship between Helen (Byrne) and Lillian. Soon after, a competition for the bride’s friendship develops. A lot of the humor is focused on the budding rivalry between the childhood friend vs. the now current friend. The film revolves around the jealousy that Annie feels towards Helen as she has become Lillian’s seemingly new best friend.

The film maintains a brief flirtation with being funny while it also teeters on being repugnantly boring. It possesses no middle ground in between the two. The comedy within this film will either have you laughing or completely blank. It’s an overrated debacle has some abrupt flashes of comedic genius. However, for every good comedic instance within it, it also contains a good amount of dead spots that hinder the audiences’ enjoyment of the very amusing moments. This movie has some of the more “cricket spurring” comedic occurrences that you will ever witness within a film. Much of the comedy feels forced as many of the scenes drain the humor out of the joke. An example of this happens from the outset where the Annie is having sex with her “sex buddy,” Ted (Hamm). The situation shows some promise but it quickly loses its humorous value as it overdone.

In spite of those dead spots, there are moments that are utterly hilarious that thankfully increase the enjoyment of the film. Scenes such as the “gown fitting” and Annie‘s blow up at the engagement party are easily the two best scenes in the film. The gown fitting scene was without question the best of the two. The sheer unparalleled raunchy nature of the scene is offset by it being so hilarious.

The six female actresses that comprise the roles of the bridesmaids all do an admirable job in trying to increase the comedic value of the film. Kristen Wiig plays Annie, a character who is almost too hopeless to be funny. Wiig’s character of Annie’s destitute situation is similar to a modern day Nathan Fallen (The Jerk), with her sense of haplessness, although no where near as funny. Wiig displays a few shinning moments but comes up short as the focus of the film. The competition between she and Helen (Byrne) which was one of the key points of the film isn’t humorous enough to maintain the audience throughout. Mya Randolph doesn’t display the comedic ability as she has displayed in other films. Melissa McArthy shows some comedic promise as fat chick Megan, Kevin‘s sister. She is the only bridesmaid outside of the trio of stars that each get a extremely brief moment in the spotlight. Each of them have a brief moment or two but the lack of equal screen time made the cast feel mismatched.

If there ever has been a comedy that was over-hyped then this it. The hype that surrounded this film completely killed it for me. Bridesmaids isn’t nearly as funny as advertised. The movie uses a number of edgy, raunchy moments in an attempt to spark a response. It has some moments of comedic genius however it isn’t even close to being the uproarious outing that it has been made to be as too many of them fail to hit the mark. Much of the comedy within it is an acquired taste with little to no middle ground. Either you’ll like it or you don’t. It lacks the true universal comedic appeal to entertain everyone. It was difficult to view this film without prejudging it because of all of the hype that was given to this movie when it was in theaters. Bridesmaids is funny but not even close to measuring up to the all of the acclaim that it received. It could have been more enjoyable had it not had some of the labels attached to it.



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  1. I don’t think I have seen a more hilarious movie! There were so many great parts in Bridesmaids. I think that when it comes to making comedies, Kristen Wiig is one of the best. I do love her skits on SNL, and this was a great addition to those. I would say it was one of the best movies of 2011. I used my Blockbuster Movie Pass to rent this, and I never get tired of it. One of the best advantages to having the Blockbuster Movie Pass is the fact that I can rent pretty much any movie I want whenever I want. Plus, I can stream many movies right to my TV or computer. Even if I didn’t work for DISH, I would still have the Blockbuster Movie Pass because they have more movies than I could ever watch, and since Bridesmaids is being rented by me constantly, I figure I’ll never run out of good movies! I can’t wait to see what Kristen Wiig comes out with this year!


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