Saturday, December 25, 2010

Did SNL get the Kristen Wiig memo?

...In February of last year, I wrote a rant where I complained about the overexposure of Wiig, who was at one time my favorite new "SNL" cast member. But the exposure itself wasn't the problem – it was Wiig's tendency to play characters that, if they showed up at a party you were at, you would leave the party. She never played anyone sweet, or friendly, or even just strange. Her characters all had one thing in common: they were incredibly annoying. And they were in every other skit. I'd had enough, and so I posted "Memo to Saturday Night Live: Kristen Wiig must be stopped." ...

And that's why I feel so awful. I never intended to be the lightning rod for the 'Kristen Wiig sucks' movement, because she doesn't suck. She's actually very talented, but has a weakness for playing obnoxious people...

I just watched the episode that Scarlett Johannson hosted, and Kristen had one lead skit (the one-upping Penelope). One. In everything else, she was a co-lead or not in the scene at all, and for me, it made for a much more enjoyable viewing experience, especially since it opens up space for "The Miley Cyrus Show" (my new favorite recurring skit) and Jay Pharoah, who's got 'breakout star' written all over him...

So thank you, "Saturday Night Live," for righting the ship. You are now a hundred times more watchable than you were just a few months ago.



Okay, so the author seems to be in this world where he thinks he is the one who did this and SNL listened to him. The truth is that there were a good half dozen similar articles like this all written about the same time, and this one was not the most popular. (The most popular one got featured on Yahoo.)

That said, he's right on. I watched them pull Kristen back a little, and it's really helped the show and helped us enjoy her bits when she only leads one or two a night. However, it hasn't opened up a lot of great writing, so we'll see what happens next.


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