Monday, December 13, 2010

Kristen Wiig gets felt up as Mrs. Vogelcheck (SNL)

I wonder how many SNL cast members and guests have felt up Kristen Wiig by now? My count is 4... The Rock (The Rock Obama), Jason Sudeikis (So You Committed a Crime), Jon Hamm (Vincent Price Halloween Special), and now Bill Hader (Vogelchecks). There might even be more.

Sketch - Affectionate Family

Paul Rudd ... Austin Vogelcheck
Fred Armisen ... Mr. Vogelcheck
Vanessa Bayer ... Amanda
Paul Brittain ... Vlad
Bill Hader ... Dwayne Vogelcheck
Bobby Moynihan ... stranger
Nasim Pedrad ... Elena
Kristen Wiig ... Mrs. Vogelcheck

Kristen is felt up at 1:35. Wow. The audience can't even believe it.

Kristen Wiig also jingles Bobby Moynihan's bell as he walks by. Merry Christmas from the Vogelchecks!

For those who don't know, this is the fourth appearance of the Vogelchecks. Paul Rudd was in the first one as well...

Kristen has been in all four Vogelcheck skits as Mrs. Vogelcheck. The three consistant actors have been Fred, Bill, and Kristen. The rest change almost every skit.

Even though Kristen's a regular in the skit, I wouldn't call this a lead role (the true leads here are Paul, Vanessa, and Fred). So she's got two supporting roles this week and two voice roles. We'll she if Kristen gets a lead role next week.


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