Monday, March 29, 2010

Kristen Wiig - as an extra in Parks and Recreation

At the beginning of this episode, Kristen Wiig walks by while Tom delivers a pickup line, and then at the end of his pickup lines, we see Kristen again as Tom tries a second time.

Parks and Recreation - Season 2 : Ep. 20|21:33

Aired 3/25/2010.

Kristen is on at 0:29 and 1:01, wearing a red shirt with a pink collar (under it). Kristen is wearing decently heavy make-up, much like her A-Holes character. She also isn't walking with perfect posture. Because she's an extra, the camera never focuses on her face.



  1. I don't see her, what is she wearing?

  2. Anony,

    Kristen is on at 0:29 and 1:01, wearing a red shirt with a pink collar (under it).


    = TAE

  3. I don't think that's her...
    It would be great if she did make a guest appearance though...

  4. That's definitely her. Watch it 10 more times. They don't focus on her face when it's an extra. And she's made up too much in order to look "hot" and right for the role, which is not how she normally wears makeup.

    - TAE

  5. Um.....I don't think that's her either, in fact I'm positive it's NOT Kristen. You can see her face and it looks nothing like her.
    I hope Amy puts her in an ep for real one day.....I would die with excitement!!

  6. Well I'm positive it IS her. You anonys need to see her in skits with her heavy makeup more. Go watch the A-Holes skits. Looks exactly like her. Kristen also walks with a slight hunch, just like in this episode.

    - TAE

  7. Just for the record, I HAVE watched every single one of her skits more times than I can even count since I own every SNL episode she's ever been in. It's not her.
    Haha, I can see we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this one ;) Truce!

  8. I'm a huge Kristen fan, and that girl is just not her, sorry!

  9. Lol. So NOT her at all.

  10. That is not her. Those eyes are not her's


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