Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kristen Wiig is Dooneese on Lawrence Welk (Elton John, SNL)

The Finger Lake Sisters, with Dooneese, team up with Francis Lynn March is back to sing about their love for the spring season.

Cold Opening - The Lawrence Welk Show
Elton John ... Frances Lynn Mulge
Fred Armisen ... Lawrence Welk
Vanessa Bayer ... Toni
Abby Elliott ... Shirley
Nasim Pedrad ... Nancy
Kristen Wiig ... Dooneese

Kristen had talked to Jimmy about this character in her last interview with him. The forehead and hands weren't something they thought much about and the makeup crew ran with it.

Hilarious, as always. This is Kristen's fifth appearance as Dooneese. The sisters have NEVER been the exact same ones...
Anne Hathaway ... Janice
Amy Poehler ... Holly
Casey Wilson ... Nora
Will Ferrell ... Ted Netters
Abby Elliott ... sister
Michaela Watkins ... sister
Casey Wilson ... Nora
James Franco ... Rico Garlanda
Abby Elliott ... Shirley
Nasim Pedrad ... Nancy
Jenny Slate ... Rhonda
Betty White ... mother
Amy Poehler ... Janice
Ana Gasteyer ... Clara
Maya Rudolph ... Peggy
Molly Shannon ... Jugglette
Rachel Dratch ... Jugglette
Tina Fey ... Jugglette
Will Forte ... Gary Corndeensen
Elton John ... Frances Lynn Mulge
Vanessa Bayer ... Toni
Abby Elliott ... Shirley
Nasim Pedrad ... Nancy

This is Abby's third appearance as the sister Shirley, Nasim's second appearance as Nancy, and Vanessa's first appearance.

Interestingly, the first two appearances of the skit were after the monologue (Anne Hathaway & Will Ferrell episodes). That's where they put the #1 skits, so obviously the skits must have done well in read throughs and the dress rehearsal.

Then the last three appearances of the skit were cold openings (James Franco, Betty White, and Elton John episodes). So the skit is the only current, recurring skit on SNL that gets in the cold opening when it's on. This basically means it's the best recurring skit on SNL right now (combination of funniest and most popular).


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