Friday, April 1, 2011

Kristen Wiig on Jimmy Kimmel (video interview)

Part 1 of Jimmy's interview with Kristen Wiig.

Kristen reveals that the Target Lady is based off a woman who worked in the Burbank Target store. Kristen asked for directions and was surprised by her voice.

Aunt Linda was inspired by a woman on an airplane who was confused when watching a movie (and very vocal about her confusion).

Kristen also mentions that Aunt Linda and Target Lady were first performed at the Groundlings before she was on SNL. She performed Aunt Linda as watching The Matrix and being super confused by the movie. I can see how that would be funny (watching Kristen watch clips of The Matrix as Aunt Linda).

Lawrence Welks (with Doonese) was written by Kristen and a writer, Andrew. The big forehead and tiny hands were notes, but they didn't really think that the props and makeup crew would make it so obvious until the crew came to Kristen and started asking her what she wanted. So it kind of came about naturally.

Part 2 of Jimmy's interview with Kristen Wiig:

Kristen's mom didn't like Gilly.

Kristen isn't leaving SNL yet, and to address Jimmy, there's no way she can break some of these SNL player records. Fred, Kenan, Jason, Seth, Andy, and Bill have all been on longer than she has.

Kristen addresses her fake Twitter account and how weird that was to read things that made her look lame.


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