Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jamie at Macleans mentions our blog!!!

But obnoxious characters, even true-to-life ones, are easier to take in small doses. After Wiig was chosen to host SNL’s Christmas special in character as the unspeakably awful Gilly, there were murmurs of online revolt against her overexposure, and earlier this season, in a list of ways to fix the show, Entertainment Weekly argued that Wiig needs to appear less often: “How can we appreciate the woman if she never leaves the screen?” Even the writer of a Wiig fan blog ( admitted she was doing too many solo sketches and that the producers “need to mix it up more.” If they don’t—or if Wiig doesn’t come up with a likeable character or two—there may be more people echoing the sage words of Kathie Lee Gifford [about Wiig]: “Can’t she get another job? Go off and do something else?”



Thanks for the call out, Jamie! And I'm happy to say that Lorne and the producers listened to our pleas! After we posted that (and Entertainment Weekly's article), Kristen has been featured less and been in more supporting roles. (Actually, she was always in supporting roles; she's just starred in less sketches so her supporting roles are more of noticeable now.)

Unfortunately, that does mean that we end up with Kristen in less amazing skits, because they can't all be winners. (Like Aunt Linda recently.) So less Kristen skits also means less great Kristen skits.

What do you think?

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