Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kristen Wiig - SNL big wiig (interview with macgruber clip)

Saturday Night Live's Kristen Wiig chats about her disguises and the — gasp! — pretty face beneath.

On Saturday Night Live, she's the woman of 1,000 faces — and hairdos, or so it seems. In her five seasons on the show, Kristen Wiig has tucked her tresses into all manner of follicular disguises — from The Target Lady's sensible reverse wedge to Nancy Pelosi's brunette bob — creating and impersonating a cast of quirky and commanding characters (and garnering a 2009 Emmy nomination in the process).

She glams things up a bit when another SNL creation, the lusciously locked Vicki St. Elmo, leaps onto the big screen Friday. MacGruber is based on SNL's popular MacGyver-spoofing sketch of the same name, which stars fellow SNL comic Will Forte.

Wiig, 36, who lives in downtown Manhattan with her boyfriend, actor, writer and filmmaker Brian Petsos, chats with us about her penchant for the peculiar and her growing collection of odd coifs.

The SNL bump
“There's always a soft spot for SNL films,” Wiig says, despite the fact that previous SNL spinoff flicks aren't tops in many Netflix queues.

The star of SNL
Wiig appeared in more Season 34 sketches than any other cast member, according to New York Magazine. But the idea that she carries SNL makes her bristle: “It's an ensemble show. Who's in what, how many sketches It's much more random than people think.”

From among the roughly 40 skits written each week, only nine to 13 get picked. “You don't know what you're in until 11 p.m. on Saturday,” she says. “You could be standing in your costume ready to go on at 11:15 p.m., and a producer could go, ‘Oh, that's been cut.' ”

Laughs and looks
A lot is made of the fact that Wiig, stripped of her disguises — from frumpy sweaters to that frightfully huge forehead she sports as Lawrence Welk-singing sister Dooneese — is really pretty. “It's almost like, ‘Thank you?' But I'll take it. It shows I'm disguising myself well on the show.”

Mean girl
Wiig's own childhood practical jokes weren't nearly as sinister as those of her SNL character Gilly, a naughty schoolgirl. She recalls: “In sixth-grade math [at school in Lancaster, Pa.], when the teacher left the room, I poured a glass of water on his desk,” she says. “When he came back, I told him the ceiling was leaking to postpone class. It was such a dumb idea! And mean!”

Wiig on wigs
How many has she worn? After 20 shows a year for five years, “that would be — 11,000? I'm not really good at math.”


Hilarious MacGruber clip!


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