Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kristen Wiig is Dooneese (Mothers Day with Betty White)

A Mother's Day song featuring Dooneese.

Cold Opening: The Lawrence Welk Show

Betty White ... mother
Amy Poehler ... Janice
Ana Gasteyer ... Clara
Maya Rudolph ... Peggy
Molly Shannon ... Jugglette
Rachel Dratch ... Jugglette
Tina Fey ... Jugglette
Fred Armisen ... Lawrence Welk
Will Forte ... Gary Corndeensen
Kristen Wiig ... Dooneese

Amy Poehler plays a sister in this skit for the second time (her first was as Holly on 10.04.2008). This is ironic, because Anne Hathaway played Janice in that episode. Other than that, the names (and actresses) of the sisters keep changing.


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