Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kristen Wiig, divorced in 2009

According to IMDB, Kristen divorced last year....

Hayes Hargrove (2005 - 2009) (divorced)

Wikipedia says, "She was once married to actor Hayes Hargrove."

It took awhile for her divorce to go through, and by that time she was already dating her friend of 21 years, Brian Petsos.

In one interview with Kristen...

Her brief marriage to another actor, Hayes Hargrove, was the topic Ms. Wiig was most squeamish about. But in general she was self-effacing. “Does anyone really care what I have to say?” she said.

Not exactly news, but still.


  1. isn't she dating Brian Petsos?

  2. Anony,

    Yes, sorry. I blame being tired. =^)

    Fixed it.

    - TAE

  3. Whoever let her go is an idiot! She needs to be married & cherished into old age. What a sweetie...what a catch. Oh...and a VERY talented actress (not needed in a relationship). I wish her the best of luck. Nothing against Brian...maybe he is the one??


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