Sunday, June 13, 2010

MacGruber makers battle Shrek

(in no way affiliated with #MacGruber which is also out in theaters today) #Shrek Exposed!:
- The Lonely Island


Shrek's been doing some terrorist bombing:

So that was the Lonely Island's tweet (and they have a similar blog post). This basically means that Joni or Jorma wanted to comically downplay MacGruber's biggest film competition (sort of how Austin Powers 2 trailer masterfully told you to watch Star Wars), which is Shrek 4.

Kind of amusing...

Shrek's offensive haircut:


By the way, this story doesn't directly involve Kristen, but it involves the creators of Kristen's new movie, and what they did to "promote" Kristen's new movie.



  1. What does this have to do with Kristen ?!

  2. Anony,

    In addition to Kristen Wiig, we also cover news and info about projects that Kristen Wiig is involved with, such as SNL and her movies (which, in this case, MacGruber is a Kristen Wiig movie).

    Obviously, the stories that directly involve Kristen take precedence.

    - TAE

  3. Well...concentrate on Kristen first.

    There is no word about the Gotham magazine.
    Cover party - yes.
    Magazine shoot and interview - guess what? no/

  4. Anony,

    We do. If you see blogs that are more related to Kristen's projects, then it probably means we have nothing. So you can just leave comments or email us with ideas. This is a good one.


    - TAE


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