Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kristen Wiig VS Kathy Lee (they met in person)

So, as we all know, Kristen Wiig does a brutal and painful impression of Kathy Lee.

Kathy Lee was pretty upset about it, saying in an interview that she though Kristen should be removed from the show.

Well, I think Kathy Lee got over it and realized it was free publicity. When Kristen and Will appeared on the Today show to promote MacGruber, Kathy Lee showed up and didn't seem very happy...

Later, on Kathy Lee's segment, she and Hoda discuss the encounter:

Kathy Lee then vlogs about Kristen Wiig:

Well, I think this is one way to get Kathy Lee to forgive Kristen.

Kathey Lee seemed genuinely upset during the encounter, but as she talked about it later on the show and in the vlog, she seemed impressed by Kristen's humility and looks... enough to forgive her.

What do you think?



  1. I am so sick of seeing you twitching 'one trick Pony' act... that I switch channels. Are you sleeping with Lorne? I can't understand why else we have to see your same boring characters EVERY skit... Used to love the show, thanks, Maybe you could become Jimmy's sidekick on latenight, so I do not have to see you again!


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