Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kristen WIig is Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View (SNL - October 2010)

Show The View

Emma Stone ... Lindsay Lohan
Fred Armisen ... Joy Behar
Nasim Pedrad ... Barbara Walters
Kenan Thompson ... Whoopi Goldberg
Kristen Wiig ... Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The ladies discuss bullying, Halloween and talk to special guest, Lindsay Lohan.

I always think Kristen plays Elisabeth in a mean way. I find most of Kristen's impressions as too brutal. What do you think?

The other three (Nasim, Kenan, and Fred) are hilarious. What's great is that SNL's View parody has lasted through two full SNL generations. It's pretty impressive to have the current cast do a show like this just as well as Ferrell's class.

This is Kristen's 6th take on the character. The first time was on 11.01.2008.


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