Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kristen Wiig - Nose Job

So the question here is whether or not Kristen Wiig has a nose job, and a better question is why there is a website devoted to celebrity nosejobs...

Did Kristen Wiig get a nose job?

All this comparison proves, is that your nose typically flares a little when you smile wider:

Funny woman Kristen Wiig gets the laughs on SNL and is best known for her comedic persona.


Photo: Kristen Wiig in 2007 before her nose job, on left, and this year (2011), on right, with a turned-up nose.

Comedian Kristen Wiig, 37, makes many people laugh, but she turned to the serious business of changing her face a few years ago.

In 2007, she was already a regular on “Saturday Night Live” and had landed some movie roles. But she hadn’t achieved her current level of success, including her recent role in the movie “Bridesmaid,” which she co-wrote.

Wiig apparently decided in 2007 that she needed some surgical fine-tuning if she was going to make it bigger in show business.

Her fans weren’t pleased.

The Shine website noted the change in Kristen Wiig’s nose in 2008, commenting that it was “really different, to the point that it’s distracting. She went from a normal-looking woman with a normal-looking nose to a normal-looking woman with a nose that looks like it was sculpted from Play-Doh.”

That website’s editor, Jennifer Romolini, said the nose job was “incredibly upsetting. It’s one thing for superficial mush brains like Paris Hilton to ‘enhance’ themselves. For the most part, that’s all women like her really have. But when a smart, accomplished actress/comedian like Wiig feels the need to alter her appearance, it signifies that something in our society has broken even further.”

“Female comedians are sort of the final frontier in not having to be shellacked and tanned and veneered and stick-skinny and styled. They often look like real people. It’s refreshing,” she said.

The author was likely thinking of someone like Botox opponent Tina Fey.

Before turning to acting, Wiig worked as a graphic artist at a plastic surgeon’s office.



So they make a pretty strong argument that Kristen got a nose job. There's no true confirmation, but several people are very sure of it.

However, both images aren't concrete enough. In the straight shot, she's smiling wider and in the side profile she's smiling wider with the straight nose and pulling her head back and jutting out her jaw with the rounded nose.

Try it now. Smile wide and you'll feel your nose get straighter on the tip. Now jut your jaw out and lift your lips up slightly, and you'll feel more of a ball forming on the end of your nose.

My final verdict is there isn't enough evidence to prove that she's had a nose job and therefore likely hasn't.

However, I am surprised that this hasn't come up in an interview or that she hasn't squashed these rumors (which folks will point to when trying to prove that the rumors are true).



  1. I don't see why they are judging her for this whether she did or didn't. If someone wants plastic surgery, it's not really anyone else's business.

  2. Kristen Wiig attended nose job and make her look more beautiful than before. She is looking very sexy.

  3. Kristen Wiig really get such an excellent result of the nose job surgery is looking so beautiful. The nose job surgery is the best for reshaping the nose.

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  4. If Jennifer Romolini truly cares about women and our place in society, then why is she such a hater? She states she accepts Kristen is a "smart, accomplished actress/comedian". So, why doesn't she give Kristen credit for making an independent and informed decision about her own body? Romolini has no idea what Kristen's motivations were/are.

    I am a smart, accomplished registered nurse, a brain cancer survivor, and I've spent my career dedicated to caring for others..... AND I've had a nosejob! Did I do it to look like a celebrity or to try to be one? NO. Am I a "superficial mush brain"? NO. I also look like a "real person". Kristen and Paris do too.

    It is women like Jennifer who critique, criticize, judge, and even get emotional about other women's lives who are taking us to a "broken society". Why get "incredibly upset" about a cosmetic procedure someone else had? What ever happened to acceptance and non-judgement because we are all the same in the end? The comment about Paris Hilton proves my point. It was unnecessary and demonstrated a total lack of respect for her as a woman and a human.

    So tell me, Jennifer, if you are so interested in the fate of our society, why are you spewing out all this nastiness???

  5. I don't care if someone, including a celebrity, wants to get a little (or even a lot of) plastic surgery done ... unless said celebrity likes to play coy and flat-out DENY ever having gone under the knife (no, I'm not insinuating that Kristen W. has ever done this, but plenty of "all-natural Hollywood beauties" have).

    The only thing that bothers me about Wiig's nose job (and yes, I think it's pretty damn obvious that she's had a rhinoplasty because her nose is a TOTALLY different shape than it was before) is that it doesn't flatter her face -- in my opinion, at least. She is still a beautiful woman, but whoever reshaped her nose robbed Kristen blind. Nose jobs performed for aesthetic purposes should serve to further flatter a person's appearance, and when done by an experienced practitioner, they're subtle refinements. But whoever performed the procedure on Wiig botched the job pretty badly.


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