Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kristen Wiig announces for "Les Jeunes de Paris" (no video ever!!!)

Why isn't it ever online? What's the deal?

Show - Les Jeunes de Paris

Emma Stone ... Juliette
Fred Armisen ... captain
Paul Brittain ... Marius
Abby Elliott ... French girl
Taran Killam ... Francois
Bobby Moynihan ... Stewart
Nasim Pedrad ... French girl
Andy Samberg ... Quasimodo
Kristen Wiig ... announcer (voice)

Andy Samberg played Quasimodo! Hilarious!

My guess is that there's a song in it that NBC doesn't have the rights to. That's why it never makes it online.

What? Lose the song! Edit it out or stop including the song in these skits! Something!!!

So "Les Jeunes de Paris" has been on SNL three times now...


Kristen has always announced for it.

Emma Stone appeared as Juliette in the first episode with it, so naturally it's back for this time when she hosts.

Maybe Emma was involved when writing it, but it seems to be a writing collaboration between the newer guys, Taran, Paul, and Bobby:

Andy Samberg once played a mime:

Even the returning ladies are played by Abby and Nasim, like they're excluding the SNL legends who likely are leaving the show soon...



  1. Kristen Wiig is incredibly hot, smart and funny as hell. And I'm not just saying that to be complementary. I mean it. Alot.

    Taran Killam executed the dance routine in this skit "Flashdance" perfect. I was amazed at how talented he is. The dance was "Euro stiltified," to make it "new wave," and his arm movements and positions were amazing. It completely changed my mind about him. He's no longer a bit/background player. He has stepped into a more significant role as of the moment he pulled this off to perfection. I desperately want the video of this skit.

    Never forget how hot Kristen was in that opening skit with Justin. "Teabaggin"!



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