Monday, November 7, 2011

Kristen Wiig gets crabs from sex with Andy Samberg (SNL's Greek gods)

Let's talk about this hilarious and witty sketch...

Sketch - Greek Gods

Charlie Day ... Dionysus
Adam Levine ... Yanni
Fred Armisen ... Klaus
Vanessa Bayer ... Artemis
Paul Brittain ... Hermes
Abby Elliott ... Aphrodite
Bill Hader ... Hades
Taran Killam ... Ares
Bobby Moynihan ... Demeter
Nasim Pedrad ... Athena
Jay Pharoah ... Apollo
Andy Samberg ... Poseidon
Jason Sudeikis ... Zeus
Kenan Thompson ... Eros
Kristen Wiig ... Hera

Zeus summons the gods to figure out the financial crisis in Greece.

Jason Sudeikis has the largest part (as Zeus), but Andy's gag comes back because he's the god who turns into a dolphin who has sex...

And that's where Kristen Wiig comes in!

All are on their game here. Bobby Moynihan is pretty funny as the god of harvest (I think the god of harvest should have been put on the spot more for economic responsibility), Andy Samberg as Poseidon who turns into a dolphin when making love, Jay Pharoah puts on some white makeup for a funny gag as Apollo, and Kristen Wiig makes a great bitter wife, who happens to have gotten crabs from making love with Andy Samberg's Poseidon.


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