Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Update - Updated the "What's Hot" links

So we've got a bunch of links on the bottom of the page that list out all the hot articles on this blog.

The amazing thing is that a lot of hot videos and articles have blown in here recently, so we added a lot to it. You can find this list on the bottom left of any page.

Just go there to see what else is the most interesting on this blog. You can also browse all the archived articles in the list on the right.

So here's the current list of what's hot on this blog (also find this on the bottom left of any page):

Kristen Wiig Daily - WHAT'S HOT

Videos - Extract clips and photos
Photos - Whip It with Drew Barrymore & Ellen Page
Video - Gilly with Drew Barrymore (10/10/09)
Interview - Jenny Slate's curse & new Judd movie
Video - Whip It interview and clips
Photos - McGruber movie
Video - SNL Promo with Drew Barrymore
Article - Kristen writes about her favorite purse
Interview - Whip It (written interview)
Photos - Darth Vader Gown (Emmys)
Videos - Bored to Death (TV show)
Videos - On Jimmy Fallon (3/31/09)
Video - Mackenzie Phillips (Celebrity Family Feud)
Video - Miss Ice Tia: Deep House Dish (10/3/09)
Videos - Whip It clips
Video - Mom talking to Megan Fox
Video - Suze Orman (10/1/09)
Videos - Madonna (9/17/09)
Videos - Ignores Jenny Slaters flubs
Video - Flight Attendants
Video - Judy Grimes (9/26/09)


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Kristen Wiig - Hot Video

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