Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kristen Wiig - Having fun with fashion?

Kristen seems to be having a lot of fun with fashion.

Here are a few examples...

At the 2009 Emmys:

In April 09:

Flight of the Concords premiere in January 09:

After appearing on David Letterman:

Los Angeles Premiere of "Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story" Graumans Chinese Theatre, 12/12/2007:

On Conan in 2006:



  1. I love her style, I think it is super rad.

  2. Kate, yeah, totally. She's just having fun and trying a lot of different things. But she always seems to stay conservative and never goes too crazy or too gaudy.

    - TAE

  3. I like all of those outfits except maybe the Conan one....
    She certainly has personality!

  4. Andrew, yeah she got some journalistic criticism at first for her librarian-like outfits, so I think she started dressing a little less conservatively and had fun with it. I really like the results. It really shows her creativity and how she enjoys having fun with her fashion.

    - TAE

  5. I think the Conan one is cute!! She can pull a lot off!


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