Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kristen Wiig - Gets felt up (So You Committed A Crime...)

Updated: Added the images, gif, and the first time Kristen got felt up (by The Rock). Originally posted 10/5/09.

SNL 10/03/09 - Ryan Reynolds & Lady Gaga

TV Show: So You Committed A Crime & You Think You Can Dance

This new show has a built-in jailhouse audience.

Ryan Reynolds ... Dixon Carrothers
Fred Armisen ... Owen Schecter
Abby Elliott ... Nancy Grace
Will Forte ... Joseph Corey Wayne
Bill Hader ... Phil Spector
Bobby Moynihan ... Nathan Lane
Nasim Pedrad ... Lea
Andy Samberg ... Kevin Federline
Jenny Slate ... Rebecca
Jason Sudeikis ... Sergeant Tim Grasser
Kenan Thompson ... Mike Potts
Kristen Wiig ... Cassie

Andy gets to host a show as the now fat Kevin Federline!

Literally every cast member was in this skit! Great combination of a live skit with video footage. Bobby Moynihan knocked his Nathan Lane out of the park! The boy has pipes. We need a Nathan Lane show! At least bring Nathan Lane to Weekend Update to see if we like him enough (he just got lost here in all of this)! Plus Abby Elliott pulled out a fantastic Nancy Grace.

Kristen Wiig shows off her sweet moves!

Apparently Kristen also got felt up in The Rock Obama sketch:

That was from season 4, episode 14 from January.


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  1. when he picked her up he soooooo grabbed her boob!!


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