Saturday, March 6, 2010

13 Things Penelope Does Better Than You

Wow, we've got to hand it to the writer, Rachel Dovey... this is a great article.

Here are some of the things she has done way better than you:

1) Befriended all the Muppets, including Scooter.
2) Made a summer home on Jupiter.
3) Had 20/80 vision—cat eyes.
4) Gotten really angry, in a large hallway, holding a golf cart.
5) Driven herself in a nut car, doing promotional work for Planter. It was a Mr. Peanut on wheels; the windshield was a monocle and the convertible roof was a top-hat.
6) Been a puppet on Fraggle Rock.
7) Been best friends with a tomato and Liza Minnelli.
8) Had a salad bar in her car—the steering wheel was a giant crouton.
9) Served M&M&M&M’s from Iceland at her wedding.
10) Worn horse blinders.
11) Bought a day from the government to celebrate National Penelope Day.
12) Had six children who spoke 44 languages before birth.
13) Invented kayaks.

Excerpt from:

And here are those legendary skits...

“Penelope, Traffic School,” SNL, 03.08.2008:

“Penelope, Group Therapy,” SNL, 01.10.2009:

“Penelope, Wedding,” SNL, 11.07.2009:

There were 3 more skits prior to these, but that was before Kristen was so popular and before they posted more skits online, so they aren't up (yet). They aired...



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