Monday, March 8, 2010

Kristen Wiig in Bidet (SNL skit)

The hotel room comes equipped.

Sketch: Bidet

Zach Galifianakis ... guest
Andy Samberg ... Herlin
Kristen Wiig ... guest

Andy plays the hotel employee. The gag here is that the guests really dig in to the details about what the room comes with, especially the bidet.

I think this would have been funnier if they dug into the details of all the hotel accomodations and not just concentrated on the bidet.

Good stuff though.



  1. i disagree. I think it's funny that ALL they seem to care about is the bidet.

  2. I think it made the skit too predictable.

  3. The guests' singular focus on the bidet is what made this sketch funny. I loved the tone of the hypotheticals. It's implied that they have something devious in mind, but since the characters never tell us what that is, our imaginations are left to brainstorm worst-case senarios. (I know mine where pretty distasteful.) They other element that really helps this one along is that bidets are necessarily private and mysterious - especially to us dumb Americans.

  4. I saw the rerun of this but it was the first time I had seen it. It was absolute comedy genius. I work in the service industry and I totally got it, some customers will dwell on the strangest things and not let up until they know every single particular about some mediocre object or subject.


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