Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kristen Wiig - pre-Emmy SNL party with Lorne Michaels

Lorne Michaels toasts Emmys with '30 Rock' and 'SNL' casts

Photo: Jane Krakowski, left, Kristen Wiig, Lorne Michaels, January Jones and Maya Rudolph celebrate The Emmys at the Sunset Tower Hotel on 8/28.

Saturday night was lively for Lorne Michaels, but he spent it nowhere near his usual Manhattan stomping grounds.

At Los Angeles' swanky Sunset Tower Hotel, the "Saturday Night Live" producer held a private party to toast his nominated cast and the folks from "30 Rock."

January Jones and Jason Sudeikis are going strong, turning up together to mingle with the likes of Kristen Wiig and her man Brian Pestos, Jane Krakowski, Katrina Bowden and Jonah Friedlander.

Maya Rudolph made fast friends with actress and director Penny Marshall, chatting up the legend about her experience moving to New York City.

Guests sipped on 42 Below cocktails including "Liz Lemonade," a concoction honoring Tina Fey's character on the sitcom.



Monday, August 30, 2010

Kristen Wiig lost the Emmy to Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch won for her role on Glee. Lynch beat out Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara of Modern Family, Kristen Wiig of SNL, Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock, and Holland Taylor of Two and a Half Men. Lynch recently married her girlfriend Dr. Lara Embry.


This is actually not too bad for SNL, seeing how Jane is leading the season as a host.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kristen Wiig - no more MacGruber skits? (Will Forte leaves SNL)

MacGruber has survived his last explosion.

Will Forte is keeping up the "Saturday Night Live" tradition of late-August departures by not coming back to the series for Season 36.

The New York Times reports that multiple sources say Forte won't be coming back and that the parting was amicable -- though at Forte's request. He wants to devote more time to other projects.

Hopefully those other projects will bring him more success than "MacGruber," the hilarious but certifiable bomb adaptation of one of his many "SNL" characters.

And there've been so many... the Falconer, Clancy T Bachleratt, absent-minded ESPN Classic commentator Greg Stink and, most recently, the monotone lothario Hamilton, whose inappropriate speeches at weddings, funerals and Q&As made for some of last season's funnier sketches.

UPDATE: NBC referred Zap2it to Forte's personal publicist who confirmed the news, saying, "After eight great seasons, Will has made the decision to move on from SNL to pursue new opportunities. He is eternally grateful to Lorne and all of the incredible people he worked with over the years."

So what do you think -- a good or bad move for Forte? And, most importantly, how much will you miss him?


Okay, so I'm actually more surprised that this came at Will's request. Lorne will need to clean house soon (the average stay is approaching 8 years instead of 4-6), but he does need to line up new performers.

So Lorne is probably happy about this, because he has one less tough decision about who to ask to leave.

My personal opinion is that Will won't be terribly missed. He is a great straight man, MacGuber is amazingly and consistently funny on SNL, and his songs are hilarious (and I love his dancing coach), but his humor is usually too weird. He's bombed in two movies now that he's starred in.

So is this a good move for Will? Hard to say. He was great and valuable on SNL, but it's better to leave voluntarily for your career than to get kicked off. He picked a great time to go. So really it's just a question of what he has in mind and if it will succeed. If it's another movie... probably not.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Starfish's teeth

Hilarious! Do you think they should do this character again?


Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun faces

This pic's fun if you look at all 4 of their faces!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Should Jimmy Fallon host SNL?

Jimmy Fallon would be a great host! Plus Andy does like the only great Jimmy Fallon impression, so it would be hilarious if they did like Celebrity Jeopardy or something and played each other!

Plus Jimmy and Andy are great friends and have amazing chemistry together (as well as Jimmy and Kristen), so you'd know Andy would be an active participant in that episode.

Jimmy was on SNL from 98 to 2004. He never hosted SNL, but he cameo'd on 4/9/05, 2/4/06, 12/16/06, and 5/9/09. (The last two were when Timberlake hosted, so they could do the Barry Gibbs Talk Show together.)

Plus it was Jimmy who got Andy to perform I'm on a Boat live (for the first time), and to bring back Lazy Sunday with Chris Parnell (and to make it look like it wasn't rehearsed until they got going)...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emmy Awards this Sunday!

Find out if Kristen Wiig wins the Emmy!

According to a report by Digital Spy, the stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and their co-star Alexander Skarsgard will be presenting at the highly-anticipated event.

The Emmy Awards this year will be hosted by Jimmy Fallon, and Kate Gosselin will reported also make an appearance on the show, although, what she will be doing has yet to be revealed.

Other presenters that have thus far been revealed are Edie Falco, Ricky Gervais and Sofia Vergara at the ceremony.


Jimmy and Kristen are great together! Hopefully they'll do something together at the event!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kristen Wiig was testing Andy Samberg

Here's a classic skit. Can you guess it?

“I was testin’ you, but you failed! But you’re not failing at getting my privates really sweaty”


Thanks to Anony for clarifying that the ABC logo is part of the gag since they were parodying an ABC Family show.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Fred Armisen dating Abby Elliott?

As a disclaimer, this looks a little like celebrity gossip, so it might not be 100% true, but there are quotes and stuff, so it probably is true.

Fred Armisen has been linked with 'Saturday Night Live' costar Abby Elliott, with Life & Style reporting he's officially dating the actress, who is two decades his junior. This news comes just days after Armisen's split from 'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss was revealed; the married couple separated in May after 10 months of marriage in what was termed an amicable separation.
Armisen, 43, joined 'SNL' in 2002; Elliott, 23, came onboard in 2008. Of the new couple, a source tells Life & Style: "After the split, Fred sought comfort in Abby. They just started dating a few months ago. Fred and Abby are getting to know each other in a romantic way and taking things slowly. But they're enjoying each other's company."

Read more here:

Although Kristen isn't great friends with Abby yet, she does have a long friendship with Fred.

We hope up that Fred and Abby don't break up and make the workplace awkward!

Of course, seeing how Lorne and Kristen were doing some heavy scouting together (Lorne doesn't usually go scouting himself that often), there's a decent chance that Lorne's doing what he did in 2005, where he bumps up Abby and Bobby this year (I hope) and features three or so new faces. It makes a huge cast, but it's good for a transition as the older players leave.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Will Kristen WIig lose the Emmy to Jane Lynch?

...veteran comedy actress Jane Lynch will win her first Emmy Award for her supporting work on the rookie hit "Glee."

They think Kristen stands less of a chance than four other candidates...

1. Jane Lynch, "Glee" ("The Power of Madonna")
2. Jane Krakowski, "30 Rock" ("Black Light Attack")
3. Julie Bowen, "Modern Family" ("My Funky Valentine")
4. Holland Taylor, "Two and a Half Men" ("Give Me Your Thumb")
5. Kristen Wiig, "Saturday Night Live" ("Host: James Franco")
6. Sofia Vergara, "Modern Family" ("Not in My House")

They say:

Kristin Wiig has only two moments on her episode that might appeal to voters (the Lawrence Welk parody and her impersonation of Kate Hepburn), but it can't top the other ladies in this category.
1. Jane Lynch, "Glee" ("The Power of Madonna")
2. Julie Bowen, "Modern Family" ("My Funky Valentine")
3. Kristin Wiig, "Saturday Night Live" ("Host: James Franco")
4. Holland Taylor, "Two and a Half Men" ("Give Me Your Thumb")
5. Jane Krakowski, "30 Rock" ("Black Light Attack")
6. Sofia Vergara, "Modern Family" ("Not in My House")

Kristin Wiig is always impressive in "SNL" as the best actor/chameleon on the show. The Lawrence Welk sketch as well as the riotous "Weekend Update" appearance are hilarious. But I kept thinking she might not have had enough for a win here, especially because her submission last year was superior and obviously not enough for the win.

Read the rest here:


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is Kristen Wiig the bride in Bridesmaids?

Check out the bold text from this article...

This is another romantic comedy, heavy chick flick territory, so watch out. Last year we reported on various casting for a comedy co-written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo called Bridesmaids that is about, as you may have guessed, two women battling to plan their friend's wedding. As cheesy as that plot sounds, it actually has a stellar cast including Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Jon Hamm, Dianne Wiest, Matthew Lucas, Chris O'Dowd, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy and Wendy McLendon-Covey. The Playlist got their hands on an early first look from the latest Entertainment Weekly which you can check out below.

Bridesmaids is directed by Paul Feig, of feature films I Am David and Unaccompanied Minors, but he has a lot of TV directing work on shows like "Arrested Development", "The Office" and "Nurse Jackie". "It's more of a story about friendship than a 'wedding movie'," Wiig told EW. "There's a weird pressure in society, and in a lot of these kinds of movies, that says you need to be married. We were careful about avoiding that." The plot sees Byrne as the "bridesmaid from hell" who tries to take maid of honor duties from newbie Rudolph. Universal is expecting this to be a hit, as it's scheduled for release on May 13th, 2011 early next summer.

Read more: http://www.firstshowing.net/2010/08/14/first-look-paul-feig-kristen-wiigs-new-comedy-bridesmaids/#ixzz0wk165zqK


So Paul Feig also directed Wiig in Unaccompanied Minors, and Judd Apatow is producing, which really increases the chance of a hit, with at least $60 million in the box office.

What's interesting is that I thought Wiig and Rose were going to go at it as the bridesmaids, but it looks like Wiig is giving that role to Maya, and Kristen is playing the bride.

Which role do you think Kristen should play?


Monday, August 16, 2010

Kristen Wiig is currently shooting Bridesmaids with Rose Byrne

Byrne, repped by CAA and Australia's RGM Artist Group, recently received her second Emmy nomination for her work opposite Glenn Close in "Damages." She is shooting Universal comedy "Bridesmaids" with Kristen Wiig and appeared in this summer's "Get Him to the Greek." Also among her film credits are "28 Weeks Later" and "Troy."

Read about how Rose is in the new X-Men movie here:



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is Kristen Wiig getting her friends onto SNL?


Lorne Michaels: Yes. Kristen (Wiig) and I saw some shows at Second City and the Groundlings in L.A. We're also holding auditions soon in New York. We're always in the process of putting together the strongest possible cast.

Read the rest of Lorne's interview here:


Friday, August 13, 2010

Kristen Wiig Emmy Nomination - We're 4th on Google

Kristen Wiig Emmy Nomination - when you search for "Kristen Wiig Emmy Nomination" on Google...

We come up 4th! Pretty good, methinks!

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kristen Wiig - Bridesmaids photos

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig film "Bridesmaids" in Los Angeles, CA on August 9, 2010.

Maya Rudolph is swimming in an enormous tulle wedding gown while filming the Judd Apatow-produced comedy, Bridesmaids, in Los Angeles.

Maya is the bride who inspires fierce competition between two of her psycho bridesmaids, played by Damages star Rose Byrne and SNL star Kristen Wiig, who wrote the script. Mad Men's Jon Hamm is also a listed cast member -- and would make a fine-looking groom.

More photos of Maya:


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jane Lynch (from Glee) will host SNL on Oct 9th

According to Movie Line, GLEE star and Emmy nominated actor Jane Lynch will be hosting the October 9 edition of "Saturday Night Live" (premiere of the show's 36th season).

Lynch has sketch comedy experience and has appeared at Second City in the past.

Lynch was recently nominated for the Emmy Award for Supporting Actress in a Comedy. The trophy will be awarded on August 29. Lynch will return to play Sue Sylvester when GLEE begins its second season on September 21.

Television's most award-winning new series, GLEE was recently honored with 19 Emmy nominations; a Peabody Award; a Golden Globe for Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical; a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series; and a People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy. The music from GLEE is an international sensation with "Glee: The Music, Volume 1" and "Glee: The Music, Volume 2" topping charts in Australia, the U.K., New Zealand, Ireland and Canada. In the U.S., over 4.5 million songs have been downloaded, and both albums have been certified Gold for sales in excess of 500,000 units.

GLEE follows an optimistic teacher who - against all odds and a malicious cheerleading coach - inspires McKinley High's Glee Club to conquer the world one singing competition at a time. GLEE stars Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison, Amber Riley, Mark Salling and Jenna Ushkowitz.

GLEE is produced by Ryan Murphy Television in association with 20th Century Fox Television. Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan are co-creators of the series. Murphy, Falchuk and Dante di Loreto serve as executive producers, while Ian Brennan serves as co-executive producer

Read more: http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/GLEEs_Jane_Lynch_to_Host_Saturday_Night_Live_20100808#ixzz0wD39FBgJ

Of course, Jane Lynch had her own Facebook petition page going on (like Betty White):



Monday, August 9, 2010

Kristen Wiig with some actual skaters last year

Helping promote Whip It, Kristen met some of the real skaters.


Kristen Wiig - Hot Video

Lawrence Welk Show - 10/1/11

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