Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coming SNL hosts and musical guests

Dec 5- Blake Lively w/ Rihanna (music guest)
Dec 12- Taylor Lautner w/ Bon Jovi (music guest)
Dec 19- James Franco w/ Muse (music guest)

Has SNL been going too young lately? Will Blake be similar to Meagan Fox (just a pretty face playing off of SNL's zany characters, without adding much to the show herself)?

SNL should probably start pulling in more seasoned actors this season.



  1. Maybe SNL needs to actually have MORE younger cast members, not just guest hosts. Then they might actually be able to grow the audience. I don't know a single person that watches SNL anymore, because it just seems stale.

  2. Charles,

    Interesting. Well Andy, Kenan, Bill, and Jason were all in their 20s when they were hired. Abby (22), Jenny, and Nasim are all still in their 20s. So as SNL cycles out the older cast members, they'll probably keep brining in younger talent, just like they have been.

    So the only difference from what they've already been doing is to cycle out cast members sooner, rather than waiting. The oldest cast members are Fred Armisen (43), Will Forte (39), Seth Meyers (36), and Kristen Wiig (36).

    Fred and Will have been on for 8 seasons, Seth has been on for 9 (but he's only behind the WU desk), and Kenan has been on for 7. They've been on the longest. So probably Fred, Will, or Seth should go soon. Lorne hasn't let them go because they're so versatile and Seth's good at the WU desk. However, none of them are breakout stars (Fred and Will mostly just do impressions). Fred's Obama impression is the only thing that's keeping him on (and I don't find it entertaining).

    So Fred or Will should go next. I'd also be fine with seeing Kenan go (though I do love his new "What Up With That" sketches). Maybe Seth will pull a Tina or Amy and arrange a show to exit off to. Seth has been a WU anchor for 4 years. The longest anchors were Tina Fey (6 years) and Dennis Miller (6).

    - TAE


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