Sunday, January 2, 2011

Betty White helped make SNL watchable in 2010

"Saturday Night Live" was all right with Betty White (right). The 88-year-old host fit in well with cast members, like Kristen Wiig. / Photo provided by NBC

Betty White hosts "SNL": Facebook users demanded it, Lorne Michaels acquiesced, and 88-year-old Betty ruled the land. We all expected the show would treat her gently and use her in a few sketches, but as it happened, she worked harder at it than any other host all season. This seemed to cheer up the national mood immensely, if briefly.

Read about the other shows here:|mostpopular|text|ENTERTAINMENT

Also, this won Betty White an Emmy, and Kristen was also nominated for an Emmy for her SNL work for that season (her second Emmy nomination).


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