Monday, January 10, 2011

Kristen Wiig - A Taste of New York (SNL)

Sketch - A Taste of New York

Jim Carrey ... musician
Fred Armisen ... musician
Vanessa Bayer ... audience member
Paul Brittain ... audience member
Abby Elliott ... audience member
Bill Hader ... emcee
Andy Samberg ... audience member
Kristen Wiig ... musician

A crowd of out-of-towners doesn't quite enjoy their hotel's musical entertainment, "A Taste of New York."

I don't know. I didn't get into this one. Fred and Kristen almost take turns doing these nightshow characters with weird music (my favorite was Kristen Wiig with Jon Hamm), and this one is merely amusing. Jim, Fred, and Kristen (no names?) come out and sing authentic New York songs that aren't very exciting (and seem to be from the perspective of the homeless or drug-addicted). Amusing, and the audience sells it well with facial expressions. But I would have preferred ending with the Amusement Park sketch.


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