Friday, January 7, 2011

Kristen Wiig on Larry King Live

You can see the video here:

Lorne's not wearing his signature sports jacket, t-shirt, and jeans! =^)

Larry King calls Kristen Wiig an Emmy winner (and Andy). Interestingly, she didn't correct him or show any surprise. Maybe she wasn't paying attention and heard "nominated" or something. She was nominated in 2009 and 2010 as a supporting actress. She hasn't won yet. (This is interesting that she's the one he calls an Emmy winner, because Lorne has been nominated 49 times with 13 wins, Amy has been nominated 3 times with no wins, Seth has been nominated 3 times with no wins, Fred has no Emmy nominations, and Andy has been nominated 3 times with one win, not to mention a Grammy nomination.) So he should have called Lorne an Emmy winner instead of Kristen Wiig. The only way he could have messed that up worse is if he called Fred the Emmy winner. =^)

Regarding Lorne's answer about how SNL came about: To add on to what Lorne said, Johnny Carson wanted to run his reruns during the week for a break sometimes. So it's really Johnny's fault that SNL started. =^)

5-minute audition times...

Interesting that Kristen Wiig's Target Lady was pulled directly from a lady at Target.


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