Friday, January 14, 2011

Kristen Wiig in The Black Swan (SNL)

Sketch - Black Swan

Jim Carrey ... Lily
Bill Hader ... Thomas
Taran Killam ... David
Nasim Pedrad ... Nina
Kristen Wiig ... dancer

The 'Black Swan' director shows aspiring dancer Nina what it takes to play the lead in the film.


BOOM! They air the best skit of the night, one that might get Jim an Emmy nomination (or the writers), one that make you feel GREAT about the show, that reminds you why Jim Carrey was once a super star, that makes you want Jim Carrey to be a superstar again, and finally, a skit that makes you want Jim to permanently host this show (or his own show). He reveals here that he is the reason why this episode is so good, and that the one skit without him (Fred's cold opening) was probably the only skit (sans Weekend Update) that he didn't help write and that's why it was the only lacking skit.

Jim did his ballerina character that he showed briefly in Ace Ventura, and he managed to use that to make fun of Natalie Portman's new Black Swan movie, with excellent supporting roles from Nasim Pedrad and Bill Hader. Jim is a female ballerina (Lily) who is competing with Nasim's Nina to do the Black Swan. (Not to mention Kristen Wiig's brief but hilarious appearance, and even Taran Killam coming on to "feed" Jim's swan was equally hilarious.)


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