Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kristen Wiig in the Manuel Ortiz Show (with Anna Faris)

Show - the Manuel Ortiz Show

Anna Faris ... Maria Montoyez
Fred Armisen ... Manuel Ortiz
Vanessa Bayer ... Brianna Espinal
Paul Brittain ... Benny
Bill Hader ... announcer (voice)
Bill Hader ... Osnar Jimenez
Bobby Moynihan ... Gabriela Mariela Montoyez Gutierrez
Kenan Thompson ... salesman
Kristen Wiig ... Cassandra Jimenez

On this episode, Manuel Ortiz tries to sort through a very complex family dispute.

I've mostly found these skits closer to "annoying" than funny. The only common character in any of these skits is the host, Manuel Ortiz (played by Fred Armisen).

This is the fourth Manuel Ortiz skit, and what's interesting is that Kristen Wiig has been in every one of these, each time playing a different character! Observe...

Aired on 12.19.2009
Kristen Wiig ... Lessa Dominguez

Aired on 05.08.2010
Kristen Wiig ... Janessa

Aired on 11.13.2010
Kristen Wiig ... Nurse Monica

Aired on 10.15.2011
Kristen Wiig ... Cassandra Jimenez

Fred has been on SNL so long, that he's done three different Spanish TV spoofs, and this is the one he's currently focusing on more than the others. The "Besos Y Lagrimas" Telemundo show was an excuse to get Latino hosts making fun of their culture (three of those skits; Kristen was in two of them). Fericito from ¡Show Biz Grande Explosion! was interesting. It was a talk show and Monologue/Weekend Update character who appeared 8 times (mostly 2002-2005). And I know there was one more (maybe with Maya Rudolph?), but I can't find it. He was talking and standing (so it was also a type of Telemundo talk show).



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