Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kristen Wiig gets the Lawrence Welk Show into the Music Comedy Hall of Fame

Kristen Wiig Earns "The Lawrence Welk Show" Sketch An Induction Into The Music Comedy Hall Of Fame

You know that file you have in your brain labeled “It just never stops being funny”? Well, you can add “The Lawrence Welk Show” sketch from this season’s SNL to that file. Sure it starts out normal enough, but just wait till—you know what we don’t want to ruin a single moment of this sketch.

This musical number will dissolve any doubts you had about whether or not Kristen Wiig is a comedic genius. We are more than pleased to induct it into the Music Comedy Hall of Fame.


And then Kristen Wiig most recently did the skit with Melissa McCarthy in 10/1/11 (her fourth one). I predict that she'll do the skit one more time this season, in about April or May.


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