Sunday, October 30, 2011

This is likely Kristen Wiig's last season on SNL

Kristen Wiig may quit "Saturday Night Live" to focus on her film career. A source tells Showbizz411 that the 38-year-old actress may graduate from the NBC late-night show at the end of its 37th season, which was premiered on September 24, now that she has had enough big screen roles on her resume.

The winner of Best Female Comedy Actress at the 1st Annual Comedy Awards made her debut on "SNL" in 2005. She was later promoted to be a full member of the repertory cast at the beginning of the show's 32nd season in 2006.

Wiig has become a hot commodity after taking a lead role on "Bridesmaids", which received critical acclaim and enjoyed a success at box office after it was released in May this year. Talks about plan to make the sequel have since brewed, but Wiig's co-star Jon Hamm recently hinted that she might not return for the possible second film.

For her next big screen appearance, the Lola Bunny of "The Looney Tunes Show" has wrapped the filming for "Friends with Kids" which is expected to come out sometime in 2012. She additionally lands a role on "Imogene".


Is this new? Not especially. But we have another reason why she likely won't return after this season. We already had these reasons...

1. This is the end of Kristen's 6-year contract with SNL. They'd have to sign a new contract with her. I think Lorne would pay her more to keep her on, but she's not like Fred Armisen (9 years) and Seth Meyers (10 years) because she's now a movie star. Also, even Will Ferrell wasn't a movie star when they famously paid him more to extend his contract.

2. Kristen has been acting in films for awhile, and her lead role in Bridesmaids has proven her success.

And now the third reason...

3. A source has mentioned this. They don't give any details, leaving you to assume it was someone who has talked to Kristen about it, but we don't really know that for sure, do we?


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