Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon - update!!!

Yes, the movie has legs; it has dragon legs!

Kristen Wiig's second and latest animated film might get a sequel!

Despite an average and not great opening weekend, How to Train Your Dragon has been slowing down in box office sales...


How slowly? Well, slower than Kung-Fu Panda and both Madagascar movies. In fact, it's been slowing down so slowly that it's beating both the Madagascar movies and Monsters VS Aliens. It might beat Kung-Fu Panda.

What does that mean? What it means, is that there is newfound hope that we might get a sequel!

When a movie "has legs," that typically means that the trailer didn't excite people, but once they go see it, they love it and tell their friends. So it looks like How to Train Your Dragon is fitting in this category. Go DreamWorks go!

How to Train Your Dragon's weekend 4 box office take was $19,633,320. Kung-Fu Panda was $11,692,061 (and Kung Fu Panda is the highest-grossing non-Shrek DreamWorks animated film).


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