Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kristen Wiig WWE videos and MacGruber college tour

Jorma will be taking "MacGruber" on the road for a college tour with Will Forte and John Solomon (co-writer). They will be screening the movie and doing some Q and A stuff afterward. Here are those dates:
  • Monday, April 26th - University of North Carolina
  • Tuesday, April 27th - Indiana University
  • Wednesday, April 28th - University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Thursday, April 29th - University of Arizona
  • Friday, April 30th - UCLA

Check out these WWE interview videos with the cast of MacGruber...

This video is an interview with the MacGruber cast:

Here is a clip from the show with MacGruber:

And here MacGruber fights Vladimir Kozlov (continuing the saga from the last video; ends well):

The WWE superstars on the set of MacGruber:


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