Friday, September 9, 2011

Does Anna Faris think "What's Your Number?" can piggyback off of Bridesmaids?

After the success of Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses, and Bad Teacher, Anna is pushing "What's Your Number?" to an R rating. But can Anna deliver the raunchy random and slapstick comedy that the other three films did?

(Note that these three films are unique because (A) They feature women in comedy roles, (B) They are all rated R, (C) They were all successful. Specifically Jennifer Aniston tore up her role in Horrible Bosses.)

In What’s Your Number?, Anna Faris pushes the year’s R-rated-comedy trend along by playing a crass, desperate woman who decides she can’t sleep with yet another man and must instead revisit all twenty of her exes (played by Joel McHale, Andy Samberg, Zachary Quinto, among others). She spoke with Logan Hill.

Your husband, Chris Pratt, plays an ex who thinks your character is stalking him.
I love working with my husband, although it’s terrifying. Like, if I don’t impress him with my acting skills, he’s going to fall out of love with me.

So it’s all over now?
No, thank God. He’s still with me.

You fell for Chris while making your last movie, Take Me Home Tonight. But you weren’t the only person he dated on that set?
I was proud of myself for being like, “Hey, I’m cool. I’m one of the guys. I can help you get some action!” Our friendship sort of grew, so when the movie came to an end, I really missed him.

That seems healthy.
Yes, but there are certain people we don’t bring up: the little redhead, or the really hot camera girl. But I remember them! Maybe six or seven months into dating—I don’t know—I asked Chris, “Hey, how many people have you slept with?” And he looks at me like, “That’s the dumbest question.” I was like, Oh, yeah. It is. To this day, he hasn’t told me.


Do you think Bridesmaids will let women be raunchier in films?
I think there was an idea that what women wanted out of a comedy was different from what men wanted. If I pitch an R-rated comedy, we’d have to revise it to a PG-13. Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I feel like there has been an audience shift that studios are terrified of.

Read the rest of the raunchy interview here:


So Bridesmaids is at least giving other comediennes some hope! Let's see if Anna Faris can deliver!

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