Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kristen Wiig is NOT racist!

Check out this post on IMDB:

I was watching the commentary on Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the producer of the movie said that she was racist and then the rest of the cast joined in on the comment saying things like
       "Incredibly racist"
       "oh yeah"

Check out the thread here:


Yes, they were joking. They are comedians. They kid. Also, interviews on a comedy DVD are often riddled with similar false allegations. Comedians do this as a joke, for fun, to rile each other up. The interviewer will ask a comedian a question, and the comedian will throw out a random allegation like, "Kristen Wiig is racist," the director is a slave driver, or the lead actor was sleeping on set. Then the interviewer goes to the other comedians and says something like, "I heard Kristen Wiig is racist. Is that true?" Of course, that comedian picks it up and immediately says it's true and might even make up a story on the spot to explain how it's true. This cycle very common in DVD interviews (even if it's not usually about racism).

Kristen Wiig is not racist. Maya Rudolph, Kenan Thompson, and Nasim Pedrad can attest to that. (For example, Maya is a good friend of Kristen and was in SNL with her and movies like Bridesmaids, MacGruber, and the upcoming Friends with Kids.)


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