Friday, September 16, 2011

Will Kristen Wiig guest star on Glee? Heather Morris thinks she should!

Heather Morris begging 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy to find a spot on show for SNL's Kristen Wiig

"Glee" cast member Heather Morris says she's begging series creator Ryan Murphy to get "Saturday Night Live" standout Kristen Wiig on the show.

"I keep telling Ryan Murphy that I'd die to work with her," Morris says in an interview in the October issue of Fitness magazine (out Tuesday). "Hopefully, he'll see this and finally make it happen!"

Morris is on the cover of the monthly and dishes on love, breast implants, dancing for Beyoncé and playing cheerleader Brittany Pierce on "Glee."

She got her TV start as a contestant dancer on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" in 2006. She also was a dancer on a 2007 tour by Beyoncé. Morris got an entree to "Glee" when she was brought in to help with choreography.

"She's like a little kid who says, 'I don't get it,'" she says about playing Brittany. "It's funnier to me to play Brittany as not super-stupid but really innocent."

Read more info and about Heather's breast implants here...

Would you watch Glee if Kristen Wiig was on it? What if Wiig wasn't on it?


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